When researching Marilyn, it’s important to know where to look. The internet can give only so much so I have compiled a go-to list, similar to my recommended books, of where you can seek very useful Marilyn information and images. Remember that not all books, documentaries and websites will be 100% accurate but I find them incredibly useful for researching Marilyn.



TIP: when using search engines, be specific about what you are looking for and then reverse the image for HQ photos. Also remember, if someone has found a particularly rare image or edited a photo and you’re reposting it, be sure to credit the user!


Many of the books I recommend can be found in my shop here and you can read mini-reviews for my must-haves here. AbeBooks is great for any books you cannot find on Amazon.

Other great books include:

  • Conversations with Marilyn by WJ Weatherby
  • Will Acting Spoil Marilyn Monroe by Pete Martin
  • Marilyn: An Untold Story by Norman Rosten
  • Marilyn Monroe, A Composite View by Edward Wagenknecht