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Why do people think it wasn’t intentional suicide?

Many of Marilyn’s friends (including George Barris and Whitey Snyder) believed she was murdered. This could be because many do not wish to think of the people, they love in such despair that they intentionally take their own life. It can be too painful for them to consider them as feeling helpless. No matter how much we know someone we cannot always know what is going on emotionally or mentally. 

Many Marilyn fans feel that she was excited about her future and that due to her happy mood speaking to Joe Jr. that she wouldn’t have suddenly decided to take her own life. 

Marilyn Monroe spoke to many people about her future including Norman Rosten on the day she passed. 

Despite the fact she had been fired, she had had a meeting in July to discuss her reinstatement on Something’s Got To Give

It was agreed that Marilyn was to receive $500,000 to complete Something’s Got to Give and another $500,000 for an additional movie. The lawsuits regarding her “breach of contract” would be dropped, and she was due to resume filming Something’s Got To Give in autumn. 

It is possible that due to the amount of therapy she had that day, Marilyn could’ve felt a sudden decline in her mental health but acted happy whilst talking to Joe Jr. 

Whether her suicide was intentional or an accident we will never know. 

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