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Who called Marilyn on the day she died?

Again, accounts vary. Some people trying to get their 5 minutes, some which may have got days mixed up. Some may be correct. The phone records I have been shown have the numbers blocked out so it’s hard to really tell. Therefore it’s easiest to just go by the accounts taken around the time of her death.

I personally feel the ones she spoke to are Norman Rosten and his wife Hedda however this is likely to be on the 3rd August as it’s believed they had a 32 minute call. The records show a 32 minute call on the 3rd August.

Ralph Roberts was said to have called twice that day to plan a BBQ which is also likely as that’s not exactly a juicy story.

Joe Jr. also had no reason to make up the stories of his calls, he also was able to account what was on TV at the time.

Peter Lawford may have spoken to Marilyn at least once.

Marlon Brando also claims that he spoke to Marilyn in the morning of the 4th to talk about her LIFE article from the day before. He, again, may have got the dates wrong.

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