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Where do claims come from regarding Marilyn’s murder?

In 1964, Frank Cappell (friends with Jack Clemmons who investigated Marilyn’s death) wrote 70 pages booklet named The Strange Death of Marilyn Monroe. It was this document that implied Robert Kennedy was involved in Marilyn’s death for the first time. He used Walter Winchell as a source… Who in fact had used HIM as a source. 

Cappell hated the Kennedys and so, along with Clemmons and another radical right-wing supporter named John Fergus, the three of them were indicted in 1965 for conspiracy of libel. 

The obsession to take down the Kennedy brothers, who they felt were soft on communism, left them to be known as unreliable sources of information. They made these accusations purely based on their hate for the Kennedys and nothing else.

Norman Mailer’s 1973 biography of Marilyn was not a traditional biography. He read the available biographies, watched her movies, and looked at photographs of her but for the rest of it, he stated, “I speculated.” Which isn’t enough when you are selling a product. 

The book’s final chapter theorises that Marilyn was murdered by rogue agents of the FBI and CIA who resented her supposed affair with Robert Kennedy (which didn’t happen). Norman Mailer later admitted that he embellished the book with speculations about Monroe’s sex life and death, all of which he did not himself believe. He openly admitted that he said all this to ensure the book’s commercial success.

In addition, Mailer did an interview with journalist Mike Wallace in July 1973. Wallace asked how he thought Marilyn died. “I’d say it was a 10-1 that Marilyn’s death was an accidental suicide,” Mailer replied. So why did he make up the RFK, CIA/FBI rumour? “I needed money very badly.”

Arthur Miller (Marilyn’s ex-husband) wrote that Mailer saw himself as Marilyn “in drag, acting out his own Hollywood fantasies of fame and sex unlimited and power.” Not exactly the review one would hope for.

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