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Where did the claims come from regarding an affair with RFK?

On 3rd August 1962, Dorothy Kilgallen, a gossip columnist, implied Marilyn was in a relationship with RFK. It is said Marilyn was with “a handsome gentleman who has a bigger name than Joe DiMaggio”. Dorothy had written another article about Marilyn before. This however had her excluded from several exclusives due to “her general hostility towards Marilyn.” 

She wasn’t the only one.

Walter Winchell, another gossip columnist, was also cut off from several press releases due to comments he made about Marilyn. However, he was still invited to her funeral. Later, he wrote articles implying a relationship with RFK. In 1967, he wrote an article sourcing Frank Capell (who was an extreme right-wing Republican who officially started the Kennedy murder rumours). 

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