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What prescriptions did Marilyn take?

Nembutal and chloral hydrate were in Marilyn’s blood when she passed away and other drugs to assist with her anxiety and insomnia. She also was prescribed the following medications in 1962. You can see the documents relating to this below under ‘Death’:

  • Chloral Hydrate (100): A sedative used as an anaesthetic and sleep aid 
  • Librium (200): Used to treat anxiety and insomnia.
  • Valmid (100): Sedative/hypnotic used for insomnia.
  • Percodan (24): Pain reliever that is a combination of aspirin and oxycodone 
  • Lomotil (24): Diarrhoea medication
  • Dexedrine (12): Amphetamine, stimulant
  • Seconal (25): An anaesthetic and sedative
  • Tuinal (25): Composed of two barbiturate salts (secobarbital sodium and amobarbital sodium) in equal proportions. Sedative for sleep
  • Hydrozets (24): Throat lozenges 
  • Sulfa Gum: Used for sore throat s
  • Darvon (24): An opioid used for pain relief, no longer available.
  • Sulfathallidine (36): Antibiotic
  • Nembutal (25): Sedative
  • Phenergan (25): Sedative/sleep aid
  • Sombulex (100): Sedative
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