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What are The Lost Tapes?

According to a Los Angeles prosecutor, John Miner, Ralph Greenson apparently played some tapes of his and Marilyn’s sessions for him while he was investigating her death in 1962. However, these tapes have never been found, and Greenson’s archive at UCLA is not available to the public. John Miner transcribed the tapes… from memory, decades later.

In this transcript, Marilyn talks about orgasms and enemas. The accuracy of this transcript is highly doubted. Marilyn’s voice and tone within this are very different to other published interviews, or even the notes she had written. Therefore, it is believed these tapes probably don’t exist.

The documentary, Marilyn’s Last Sessions, actually uses interviews between Marilyn and Georges Belmont for Marie Claire in 1960 and are sold to the audience as being private tapes with her psychoanalyst. But they are not.

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