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Wasn’t there a police report saying she was poisoned by RFK?

You can read my full article here but putting it simply:

Robert Kennedy wasn’t in Los Angeles at the time of Marilyn’s death, as recorded by the FBI, numerous journalists and witnesses who saw him that weekend.

Peter Lawford who “witnessed” these events was at home and had planned a dinner party that evening. There were multiple calls made to Marilyn as well as statements from witnesses asserting that Lawford had been at home all night.

Marilyn took the medications she had been prescribed. She died due to taking too many of them in a short period. The autopsy reports do not show any reason to doubt what killed her. Drinking poison is not one of those reasons. 

The sources of information of Marilyn being murdered are unreliable, untrustworthy sources. This also includes Eunice Murray who changed her story several times.

These people have released brand new “information” years after Marilyn’s death. There is no one to contradict their stories. And because rumour and speculation sell so well, more and more fictitious tales have made headlines.

Our Marilyn Monroe



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