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Was Marilyn sexually assaulted?

“You wouldn’t exactly say I had a normal childhood, could you? They say you soon forget the bad things in your life. Maybe for others, but not for me. I guess I was about years old – I was living in this foster home that took in boarders besides me. I remember there was this old man they would cater to. He was the star boarder. Well, one day when I was upstairs on the first floor where his room was, I was putting some towels in the hall closet. His door was open; he saw me and called me, motioned for me to come into his room. I went in, and immediately he bolted the door. He asked me to sit on his lap. Frightened, I obeyed. He kissed me and started doing other things to me. He put his hand under my dress. He said it’s only a game. He let me go when his game was over. He touched me in places no one had ever before. When he unlocked the door and let me out, I ran to my foster mother and crying, told her what he had done to me. “He touched me all over,” I sobbed with tears running down my face. She looked at me, shocked at what I had told her. She slapped me across the mouth and shook me, shouting, “I don’t believe you. Don’t you dare say such nasty things about this nice man.” I was so hurt I began to stammer. She didn’t believe me. I cried all that night in my bed. I just wanted to die. This was the first time I remember ever stammering. A shocking experience like that can cause almost anything to happen.”

Marilyn to George Barris, 1962

Marilyn was assaulted sexually by a lodger at one of the homes she lived in, Doc Goddard and her cousin, Jack all before she was 13 years old.

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