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Was an ambulance called? Was she resuscitated?

According to James Hall, he and Murray Leibowitz were called to Fifth Helena Drive and arrived to find Marilyn was comatose at 10:25pm. 

Depending on what story you read, either in her bedroom or in the ambulance, Hall had managed to resuscitate Marilyn before Dr. Greenson plunged a needle in her heart, resulting in her death. The ambulance was then ordered to turn around and return her body to her home. He stated: “He (Dr. Greenson) felt his way down her ribs like an amateur. Then he thrust the needle into her chest. But it didn’t go in right. It hung up on the bone, on one of her ribs. Instead of trying again, he just leaned into it, his cheeks quivered with the effort. He pushed hard and he drove it all the way through the rib, making a loud snap as the bone broke. I know he scarred that rib bone. I had watched a lot of medical procedures and this guy was downright brutal.”

Walt Schaefer who was head of the ambulance company said in a BBC documentary (1985) that. “she was alive when she was picked up”. 

Schaefer had no documentation of this event, and it wasn’t mentioned until 1985.

Mrs. Murray Leibowitz also denied Hall’s claims, leaving this tale as a work of fiction.  

We should also note that a hypodermic needle is huge (have you seen Pulp Fiction?) and would leave a large bruise and puncture mark. Also, a broken bone? That would’ve been evident. None of these was present during the autopsy or visible in the police report.

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