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Did Marilyn have a sexual relationship with her agent Johnny Hyde?

Johnny Hyde, her first agent

It is not confirmed. But it is possible and quite likely.

“He not only knew me, he knew Norma Jeane too. He knew all the pain and all the desperate things in me. When he put his arms around me and said he loved me, I knew it was true. Nobody had ever loved me like that. I wished with all my heart that I could love him back… it was like being with a whole family and belonging to a full set of relatives.”

He did all of this for love. Yet no matter how many times he proposed to her, Marilyn said no. She didn’t love him and she would not marry without love, even though saying yes would have made her a very wealthy woman… She also told Rupert Allan, “It would be ridiculous to pass myself off as Mrs. Johnny Hyde. I’d be taken less seriously than I am now.”

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