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The Unspoken “Rules” of Owning a Marilyn Monroe Fan Account

Owning a Marilyn Monroe fan account is something that should always be fun for both you and your audience. But there can often be things that can make it a toxic environment and a hard platform to enjoy. 

So, if you were to create a Marilyn page whether it be Facebook or Instagram, where do you begin? Well, I would say from experience there are things you should try and do and other things to avoid. Obviously, you can do what you want with your page. There are no real rules but there are some pieces of advice I would like to offer based on my personal preferences. I’d like to also point out this is not a post on how you can get followers.


  • Be a fan: Sounds obvious, right? Owning a fan account dedicated to Marilyn Monroe when you have watched one movie probably won’t cut it. I did it a decade ago. I had watched a documentary and watched a few films and thought that would be enough. Little did I know how much there was to Marilyn and what is expected You need to have relatively good knowledge of who you are posting about.
  • Post! : Some accounts post monthly, whereas I think to run a “successful” fan account you need to post at least every couple of days. You want to keep people coming back to your page and interacting with your content. Of course, you can post as little or as much as you like but if you post, then you’re already doing an amazing job.
  • Supply information about the image: I am personally attracted to pages that have a bit of info about the photo. Information that is of course accurate. It’s doesn’t have to be much. But I don’t get a feeling of dedication when a page captions photos with just #marilynmonroe or “Good Morning!” 

    I find something as simple as the photographer and year it was taken is the minimum. But I also love captions that discuss the image and time.

  • Post rare or HQ images: There’s nothing more unattractive about a page than one that posts low quality, yet very common photos. It is trickier to find images that are both rare and in good quality. So, at least try to tick at least one of those boxes as it will make your page far more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Supply credit: Did you find an image or a video from another Instagram account and you want to share it on yours? Ask permission from the original poster (OP) and be sure to credit them. Also, credit the photographer when you can.
  • Be personable: If you’re comfortable doing so discuss yourself occasionally. In fact, it’s nice to learn about the people behind the accounts. I love reading or hearing about who I follow, what other interests they may have. I find it so nice to see the individuality in people.
  • Be polite: Remember there are people behind the profiles. So, if you spot someone doing any of the below kindly send them a message. If they ignore or block you, then you are perfectly entitled to call them out to warn others about this negative online behaviour.
  • Take breaks and set boundaries: Don’t fancy posting? Don’t. Aren’t enjoying a page’s posts anymore? Unfollow. Do what you need to keep your fan page your safe space. 
  • Understand why you are running the account in the first place: Are you wanting to share information about Marilyn? Or do you just enjoy sharing beautiful images of her? Does having the page create a “happy place” for you to escape occasionally? Be sure you know what it is you’re wanting to get out of the effort you’re going to 


  • Steal others content: People make a lot of effort to research, edit and post images, design graphics, create Reels and make videos. It takes just as long, even longer sometimes, to write captions that go deeper than the usual information. So, for someone to simply save images and post it as their own (with practically the same caption) is a lame thing to do. 
  • Copy other people’s content: As with the above, thinking it’s okay to create your own version of the same edit is just unimaginative. It’s pure laziness. Just SHARE the original content. 
  • Post death images: This is self-explanatory. 
  • Focus solely on followers: If that’s your reason for setting up an account, the passion to do it won’t last.
  • Post fake photos or quotes: I get it, I’ve done it (a few times!) and it’s hard to tell what a fake photo or quote and what isn’t. However, if there’s a photo you haven’t seen before or a quote without a source, do some research. You can even do a reverse image search to see if there is further information on an image. As for quotes, if there isn’t an interview or book quoting an authentic source, don’t post. 
Fake image
  • Make the page about you: It’s one thing to be personal on your stories occasionally and talking about yourself but there are a select few that are very self-focussed and relate everything they post back to them. As I said earlier in the post, I love getting to know the accounts I follow. However, I find some accounts have created their page to seek validation and are constantly on the hunt for attention. I can recognise this due to the reaction to criticism and occasional exclamation that they are deleting their page due to lack of interactions or follows. 

    Sadly, younger users feel the need to use Marilyn pages (as they are popular) and their love for Marilyn as a way of getting recognition and followers.
  • Use Remini to edit images: A PEEVE of mine. It’s hilarious because when I heard about “upscaling” images I genuinely thought the app would help improve the quality of an image. Instead, it distorts it. I learnt this very fast. I would really advise not using any editing apps unless you’re adjusting the brightness, tones etc. as this can make images look fake and really messes with the original beauty. If an image is low quality and you cannot find a better one, leave it be. 
  • Post what you don’t know enough about: If there is a topic you’re not 100% sure about, stay away from discussing it as this will avoid backlash. 
  • Get defensive: If someone is pointing out that an image or a quote is fake, then kindly thank them for their help. Most of the time, people are trying to help. 
  • Publicly shame or bully: Should another account wrong you in any way (copying/stealing content, getting information wrong), send them a direct message first. As said above, if they continue to ignore you or post things you feel they shouldn’t, then put a message out explaining what is happening as sometimes that is the only way to get attention. Of course, don’t be overly aggressive. Don’t bully. Inform other accounts why the situation is wrong and hopefully it will deter others to do it too. I would do the same if a business kept ignoring my messages or comments. 
  • Get TOO personal: The reason I say this is out of safety more than anything. Don’t talk about where you live or any other details that could get you in trouble. 
  • Tell people what you don’t want them to do: An example of this is stating in the caption on a photo, “Hate comments will be deleted.” I promise you’re asking for trouble! If you wish to avoid any type of hate comments, you can mute certain phrases or turn comments off entirely.


  • Be friendly and polite. 
  • Research, research, research!
  • Follow a few select accounts. If you follow every Marilyn account you’ll be overwhelmed by a lot of posts including the junk ones…
  • Do subtle edits (colours, tones, brightness, contrast etc.) to make your images stand out 
  • Use relevant hastags. 
  • Have your page bio show what followers should expect from your page.



  • Sharing and expressing your passion for Marilyn, her life and work. 
  • Meeting other fans and building long lasting friendships. 
  • You learn more and more about her over time. 
  • You are exposed to her beauty every day!


  • There are so many other MM accounts out there this can make it hard to grow your page. 
  • Some fans (as with all fandoms) have their bad apples. 
  • People that do the DON’Ts ^^^

So whether you currently own an account or are planning on doing so in the future, consider the advice. Of course, it is only advice but it comes from experience and is well-meaning.

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