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The Life of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe may have only lived 36 years, but those spins around the sun were indeed eventful.

Marilyn worked tirelessly to achieve her dreams, faced love and loss and had many accomplishments and moments of heartbreak.

Using various sources, I’ve created a timeline of Marilyn’s life covering as much of those three decades of life as possible.

It’s interesting seeing how life changed from year to year, and incredible to see events unfold in hindsight. For example, maybe if Arthur Miller hadn’t begun assisting in rewrites of Let’s Make Love, perhaps Gregory Peck would’ve been the leading man. Would Marilyn have had an affair? How would their marriage have been affected?

The timeline itself isn’t detailed, just a simple summary of events over time. Some have specific dates, some not. For more details of dated events, check out my Instagram.

In addition, a map of Marilyn’s locations has been included, thanks to Silver Technicolor.

Finally, it’s important to remember that behind these day to day activities were real life people with feelings and emotions. Life isn’t simply made up of events so please consider that when exploring how life unfolded.

Forever a working progress, more details, corrections and articles will be added over time.

Our Marilyn Monroe



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