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Petition to Stop the Movie ‘Blonde’ being Released

TW: Sexual assault, rape

Jackie of Irish Marilyn Monroe Fan Club has created a petition in order to stop the release of Netflix’s ‘Blonde’, which is based on the fictional book about Marilyn Monroe.

Starring Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe, it has been reported that there are scenes which are so disgustingly sexually graphic, the movie has been postponed for another year in order for changes to be made.

Netflix was horrified with what Andrew Dominik (director) submitted to them. Apparently there is a horrific rape scene and “bloody menstrual cunnilingus”. Why? Why does need to be featured in any film?

They want a new version of the film, Dominik doesn’t.

I personally have not read the book, I don’t intend to. Fortunately the author, Joyce Carol Oates, mentions in her book that it is fictional.

The issue is when people see this movie on Netflix they are going to turn it off believing the fiction more than the fact. Why? Because fiction, drama and shock are what excites audiences.

When they see fictional tales of Marilyn, including her being raped whilst on her period, the audience is going to see Marilyn in the future and think “that’s what happened to her.” Although Marilyn was open about being sexually assaulted as a child she never spoke about being sexually assaulted or raped in her adult years (despite the myth Marilyn was raped by the Mafia a week before she died).

Although she had sad and traumatic experiences in her life, why should this be exploited? If these things DID happen (which they didn’t), what right to people have to peddle it to the masses and get profit from it?

Overall, the whole project is just completely disrespectful to Marilyn. If it was any other actor, I’d feel the same way. No one deserves to have their lives fictionalised, degraded and promoted so graphically and disgustingly.

If you recognise that Marilyn was an actual person, with a real-life reputation that mattered to her, and “art” being made featuring her being raped is a tarnish on her life, then please sign this petition.

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  • Leilani

    This movie should not be released. It can be very triggering to victims. This is also just not something people would want to watch happen, it’s uncomfortable and disturbing. Another reason as to why this movie shouldn’t be released is the character looking exactly like Marilyn and mistaken this movie to be about her. Overall it is a bad idea.

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