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TW: Death (no death images but images of her home)

As a Marilyn Monroe fan, it is incredibly frustrating to those who wish to celebrate her lifetime achievements that her death takes centre stage. Her life is tarnished by her death filled with rumour, speculation, and conspiracy. However, with some research and knowledge of the basis of these stories we can determine that her death wasn’t as outlandish as so many (wish to) believe. 

Our Marilyn Monroe (with the help of some reliable research accumulated from other Marilyn fans, research, science and common sense) will go through many of the conspiracies as well as documents, information from medical professionals past and present as well as common sense. 

Firstly, it’s important to discuss what is known about Marilyn, what she did on the day of her death and when she was discovered. 

A huge thank you to April and Kelly for helping me by reading this and giving me notes!


What we do know is that between 7th June and August 3rd, Marilyn had been prescribed over 740 pills. These were all signed by Dr Hyman Engelberg. The prescriptions were sold by Julien’s Auctions in 2011. 

  • Chloral Hydrate (100): A sedative used as an anaesthetic and sleep aid 
  • Librium (200): Used to treat anxiety and insomnia.
  • Valmid (100): Sedative/hypnotic used for insomnia.
  • Percodan (24): Pain reliever that is a combination of aspirin and oxycodone 
  • Lomotil (24): Diarrhoea medication
  • Dexedrine (12): Amphetamine, stimulant
  • Seconal (25): An anaesthetic and sedative
  • Tuinal (25): Composed of two barbiturate salts (secobarbital sodium and amobarbital sodium) in equal proportions. Sedative for sleep
  • Hydrozets (24): Throat lozenges 
  • Sulfa Gum: Used for sore throat
  • Darvon (24): An opioid used for pain relief, no longer available. 
  • Sulfathalidine (36): Antibiotic
  • Nembutal (25): Sedative
  • Phenergan (25): Sedative/sleep aid
  • Sombulex (100): Sedative

Invoices also show that Marilyn was administered injections by Engelberg, likely to be “vitamin shots” which many Hollywood stars were given at the time. 


Marilyn was incredibly close to her psychoanalyst, Dr Greenson. She had been his patient since 1960, on the recommendation of Marianne Kris. 

They went above and beyond the usual patient and doctor relationship with Marilyn spent time with his family, having dinners with them and speaking to him almost daily for hours on end. He had written in an article that doctors should be “emotionally involved in their patient’s life if they wanted to establish a trustworthy therapeutic relationship.”

In October 1961, Eunice Murray, her housekeeper, was hired on Dr. Greenson’s recommendation. He had bought his house from Eunice and her husband in 1947 and she remained close with him and the family after her divorce. Mrs Murray relied on Dr. Greenson, and simply followed “his orders” as stated by her son-in-law, Philippe Laclair.  

Marilyn’s home at 12305 Helena Drive is also very similar in design to Dr. Greenson’s. Eunice had chosen it in February 1961, with Dr. Greenson accompanying Marilyn for approval. It is believed by many that he influenced Marilyn and her decisions with Mrs. Murray reporting back to Dr. Greenson what Marilyn had been doing, her moods etc. 

Marilyn’s attorney, Milton Rudin was also Dr. Greenson’s brother-in-law, once again showing how involved he had become in every aspect of Marilyn’s life. 



The following events come from those who saw and spoke to Marilyn that day. The events in orange cannot be officially verified as they either were not discussed until years after her death or there is no evidence to back it up. 

  • 8am: Eunice Murray, Marilyn’s housekeeper, arrives at Marilyn’s home. She is dropped off by Henry D’Antonio who was servicing Mrs. Murray’s car that day. 
  • Marilyn tells. Mrs. Murray that she was intending on spending the day with her friend and publicist Patricia Newcomb (who spent the night) by the pool, as Pat was sick. Neighbours told police that they could hear a woman coughing in the garden. 
  • Furniture is delivered from The Mart and Pilgrim’s Modern Furniture. She writes a check to Pigrim’s for $228.80. Marilyn’s furniture, ordered from Mexico had been delivered to the wrong address and bills had arrived at Marilyn’s home. 
  • About noon: Pat Newcomb wakes up. She is unwell with bronchitis and Marilyn tells her to stay with her to “bake it out.” Mrs. Murray makes lunch for Pat (an omelette, Marilyn refuses to eat).
  • Plants and more deliveries arrive.
  • After 1pm: Dr. Greenson arrives. According to Milton Rudin (Marilyn’s attorney and Dr. Greenson’s brother-in-law) Dr. Greenson said he spent most of the day with her. 
  • 2pm: Joe DiMaggio Jr. telephones Marilyn. Mrs. Murray says Marilyn isn’t home.
  • Between 2pm-4pm: Eunice Murray’s car is dropped off by D’Antonio and his wife.
  • About 3pm: Pat leaves on Greenson’s request, shortly followed by Greenson.
  • Approximately 4:30pm: Joe DiMaggio Jr tries to contact Marilyn again, but Mrs. Murray states she is not home. 
  • 5:15pm: Dr. Greenson returns to the hacienda to continue their therapy. In the letter to Marianne Kris dated 20th August 1962, Dr. Greenson writes: “I was aware that she was somewhat angry with me. She often became annoyed when I did not absolutely and wholeheartedly agree [with her]… I told her we would talk more, she should call me on Sunday morning.”
  • 7:00/15pm: Dr. Greenson leaves Marilyn in her room, with Eunice Murray staying over (something she normally didn’t do). Joe DiMaggio Jr finally chats with Marilyn over the phone (in her room). He found her alert and happy. Joe Jr. confirmed the time to police due to watching a live broadcast on television of the sixth/seventh inning of the Angels/Ontario baseball game. They spoke for about 15 minutes. She calls Dr. Greenson to happily tell him that Joe Jr. had broken off his engagement. 
  • 7:30pm: Peter Lawford calls back to ask her again to come over for dinner. Once again, she declines. Other guests are Joseph Naar and his wife Dolores who attend from 8-10pm and George Durgom.
  • 8:25pm: According to police reports Peter Lawford, concerned about Marilyn, calls Milton Rudin asking him to call Milton Ebbins, as stated in a Re-Interview Report by Lieutenant Grover Armstrong (10th August 1962). According to Rudin, Lawford heard Marilyn “fading out.”
  • 8:45pm: Again according the police reports, Ebbins calls Rudin. 
  • 9pm: Rudin* phones Marilyn at 9pm and speaks to Eunice Murray asking her to check on Marilyn. Mrs. Murray says Marilyn was fine. She later stated in her memoir that no one made her aware that there was a cause for concern. 
  • After 10pm: Lawford calls the Naar residence (as stated by Joseph Naar in 1992) asking them to check on Marilyn. However, as they are getting dressed, Rudin calls telling him not to worry as Marilyn had been given a sedative to help her sleep by Dr. Greenson. 

*Donald Spoto’s book mentions that it was Ebbins who spoke to Eunice Murray and told the Naars not to be concerned about Marilyn. However, Ebbins denied this (as stated in DS sources). Joseph Naar said, “I could swear it was Ebbins.” According to the police report, it was in fact Rudin who made the call. Naar’s confusion is likely to be due to the same name (Milton) and the fact he discussed it in 1992, three decades after Marilyn’s death).

Other notes regarding this date:

  • Mrs. Murray had been given a cheque dated 4th August 1962 for $200 signed by Marilyn. Based on information from Patricia Newcomb, Mrs. Murray’s services were to be terminated by Marilyn. Mrs. Murray also had planned a tour of Europe in August. 
  • Marilyn had written a note to Joe:

    Dear Joe, / If I can only succeed / in making you happy – / I will have succeeded / in the biggest and most / difficult thing there is – / that is to make one person / completely happy. Joe;” 

    It was sold at auction in 2008. It was found in her address book. It is believed to have been written on the 4th August 1962. 


Pat Newcomb
  • 3:00am: Eunice Murray wakes to find Marilyn’s light still on and has no response. 
  • 3:30/4:00am: Dr. Greenson arrives due to a call from Mrs. Murray saying she was concerned about Marilyn.
  • 3:35 – 3:50pm: Engelberg arrives. 
  • 4:25 am:  Sergeant Jack Clemmons is called, and informed Marilyn is dead. He goes to investigate the scene personally. 
  • 4:35 am: Clemmons is escorted into Marilyn’s bedroom. He covered Marilyn’s nude body and is suspicious of the fact that Mrs. Murray is washing bedsheets. He questions Mrs. Murray who states she discovered Marilyn’s body at midnight. 
  • 5 am: Pet Newcomb is informed of Marilyn’s death. 
  • 8 am: Marilyn’s body arrives at the morgue. 
  • 10:30 am: The coroner completes the autopsy. Her death is ruled ‘probable suicide.’


via Cursum Perficio

Death was pronounced on 05/08/1962 at 3.45 AM.

Possible accidental, having taken place between the times of 8/4 and 8/5/1962, 3.35 AM at residence located at 12305 Fifth Helena Drive, Brentwood, Rptg.Dist.814, Report # 62-509 463.

Marilyn Monroe, on August 4, 1962 retired to her bedroom at about eight o’clock in the evening; Mrs Eunice Murray of 903 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, Calif., 395-7752, CR 61890, noted a light in Miss Monroe’s bedroom. Mrs. Murray was not able to arouse Miss Monroe when she went to the door, and when she tried the door again at 3.30 AM. When she noted the light still on, she found it to be locked. Thereupon Mrs. Murray observed Miss Monroe through the bedroom window and found her lying on her stomach in the bed and the appearance seemed unnatural. Mrs. Murray then called Miss Monroe’s psychiatrist, Dr Ralph R.Dr. Greenson of 436 North Roxbury Drive, Beverly Hills, Calif., CR 14050. Upon entering after breaking the bedroom window, he found Miss Monroe possibly dead. Then he telephoned Dr Hyman Engelberg of 9730 Wilshire Boulevard, also of Beverly Hills, CR 54366, who came over and then pronounced Miss Monroe dead at 3.35 AM. Miss Monroe was seen by Dr. Greenson on August 4, 1962 at 5.15 PM., at her request, because she was not able to sleep. She was being treated by him for about a year. She was nude when Dr. Greenson found her dead with the telephone receiver in one hand and lying on her stomach. The Police Department was called and when they arrived they found Miss Monroe in the condition described above, except for the telephone which was removed by Dr. Greenson. There were found to be 15 bottles of medication on the night table and some were prescription. A bottle marked 1 1/2 grains Nembutal, prescription #20853 and prescribed by Dr Engelberg, and referring to this particular bottle, Dr Engelberg made the statement that he prescribed a refill for this about two days ago and he further stated there probably should have been about 50 capsules at the time this was refilled by the pharmacist.

Description of deceased: Female Caucasian, age 36, height 5.4, weight 115 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, and slender, medium build.

Occupation: actress.

Probable cause of death: overdose of nembutal, body discovered 8/5/1962 at 3.25 AM.

Taken to County Morgue – from there to Westwood Mortuary.

Report made by Sgt R.E.Byron, # 2730, W L.A. Detective Division.

Next of kin: Gladys Baker (Mother).

Coroner’s office notified. The body was removed from premises by Westwood Village Mortuary.



When one fire is put out, another spark is ignited. In Marilyn’s case anyway. Once a myth has been proven as inaccurate and false, another book or claim is released to keep the idea that Marilyn was a victim of murder. The following conspiracies are the most common I have personally come across. 

As always, using information from reliable sources and documentation I will discuss why these are not the causes of Marilyn’s death and what did kill her, how and why. 

But before we start the FAQ I would like to mention that there are a few people who have released fantastic and unbelievable tales that are the main sources of these rumours and they are:

  • Donald Wolfe – Biographer using the below “sources” as evidence for the conspiracies
  • Anthony Summers – Biographer using the below “sources” as evidence for the conspiracies
  • Norman Mailer– Biographer using the below “sources” as evidence for the conspiracies and openly admitted he speculated most of his book because he “needed the money.”
  • Robert Slatzer – Claimed to be married to Marilyn with no documentation and used the marriage in order to sell his story. 
  • James Hall – Ambulance paramedic who was paid $40,000 to tell his story to a newspaper which can easily be debunked with science. 
  • Jack Clemmons – A dirty cop. First officer on the scene who was dismissed by the force. 
  • Jeanne Carmen – A supposed confidante. No evidence shows Marilyn even knew her, let alone saw her as a close friend. 
  • Frank Cappell – In 1964, Frank Cappell wrote a 70 pages booklet named The Strange Death of Marilyn Monroe. It was this document that implied Robert Kennedy was involved in Marilyn’s death for the first time. He was anti-Kennedy.
  • Lionel Grandison – Coroner’s clerk whose character was discredited after a forgery charge. He claims he was forced to sign Marilyn’s death certificate under the duress of Theodore Curphey which is denied by the retired coroner. He also claims to have seen “The Red Diary despite” clerks having no access to evidence.

Of course, there are more but we’d be here all day.

So, who do we trust?


The facts we know so far are that Marilyn:

  • Had drug levels in her blood (4.5 Nembutal and 8.0mg Chloral Hydrate) and liver (13mg Nembutal)
  • Was pronounced dead between 3:30/3:35am on the 5th August 1962 but due to rigor mortis she died closer to 8pm the night before.


Sources and Bibliography: 

  • Icon: The Life, Times and Films of Marilyn Monroe Volume II by Gary Vitacco-Robles
  • Marilyn Monroe: A Day in The Life website by April Vevea
  • Marilyn Remembered Fan Club Facebook summarisation of a talk by Craig Harvey (Los Angeles County coroner) 
  • Fraser Penney from Marilyn Remembered
  • Tales From The Morgue by Dr Cyril Wecht (renowned forensic pathologist) 
  • Police records
  • Toxicology reports
  • Autopsy reports
  • Marilyn Monroe The Biography by Donald Spoto

Based on body temperature and rigor mortis it is likely she died between 8pm and midnight. Time of death on the coroner report is listed at 3:45am and on the death certificate as 3:30am due to when the body was found.

According to James Hall, he and Mrs. Murray Leibowitz were called to Fifth Helena Drive and arrived to find Marilyn was comatose at 10:25pm. 

Depending on what story you read, either in her bedroom or in the ambulance, Hall had managed to resuscitate Marilyn before Dr. Greenson plunged a needle in her heart, resulting in her death. The ambulance was then ordered to turn around and return her body to her home. He stated: “He (Dr. Greenson) felt his way down her ribs like an amateur. Then he thrust the needle into her chest. But it didn’t go in right. It hung up on the bone, on one of her ribs. Instead of trying again, he just leaned into it, his cheeks quivered with the effort. He pushed hard and he drove it all the way through the rib, making a loud snap as the bone broke. I know he scarred that rib bone. I had watched a lot of medical procedures and this guy was downright brutal.”

Walt Schaefer who was head of the ambulance company said in a BBC documentary (1985) that. “she was alive when she was picked up”. 

Schaefer had no documentation of this event, and it wasn’t mentioned until 1985.

Mrs. Murray Leibowitz also denied Hall’s claims, leaving this tale as a work of fiction.  

We should also note that a hypodermic needle is huge (have you seen Pulp Fiction?) and would leave a large bruise and puncture mark. Also, a broken bone? That would’ve been evident. None of these was present during the autopsy or visible in the police report.

A fresh bruise of that size would be visible, as would the needle mark. Puncture wounds take 24 hours to heal and there were none found on her body.

Marilyn met John F. Kennedy on only four occasions. Hardly a passionate affair. Remember, this is the President of the United States. His movements were heavily monitored. 

The first was in October 1961 when Marilyn asked Allan Snyder, her friend and make-up artist, to take her to a party at Pat and Peter Lawford’s house in Santa Monica. Guests included Kim Novak and Angie Dickinson as well as the President of the United States. She was driven home by one of the Lawfords’ staff. 

5th December 1961: JFK was in New York to make an address at the National Football Banquet and Hall of Fame held at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. It is reported that Marilyn met the President in New York City at the banquet. It is this night that is often connected to the “sex parties” which were thrown up in 1965. 

However, it was impossible for Marilyn and the other participants to leave the ‘invite only’ party to sneak away for an orgy. This file was created by J. Edgar Hoover who was known to smear many reputations.  

On the 24th of March, Marilyn and others including JFK had been invited to Bing Crosby’s home in Palm Springs along with other guests. The final meeting was at the birthday gala on 19th May 1962. As with Bobby, she was not taken home by either of them and spent almost the entire night with her former father-in-law Isidore Miller before being driven home.

These meetings, all mostly public, left no time for lurid affairs and government secret discussions.

It’s possible Marilyn had a one-night stand with President John F. Kennedy at the home of Bing Crosby. 

Kennedy is also said to have had affairs with Marlene Dietrich, a white house intern, and his wife’s press secretary Turnure as well as Gunilla von Post, Judith Exner and more. Are all these definite? Probably not. But he certainly wasn’t faithful to his wife.

As mentioned, Ralph Roberts (masseuse, chauffeur, and friend) said he knew about it due to Marilyn discussing the solus muscle from the bedroom which she had apparently shared with Kennedy.  However, she only went into detail when the rumours began circulating. She confided to Roberts that it was the only time, and it wasn’t a big deal to either of them.  He said 

“Marilyn told me that this night in March was the only time of her ‘affair’ with JFK. A great many people thought, after that weekend, that there was more to it. But Marilyn gave me the impression that it was not a major event for either of them: it happened once, that weekend, and that was that.”

Let’s start with her supposed phone call to Jackie Kennedy where she is to have told her about the affair and that she was going to become first lady. Marilyn wasn’t the kind of spiteful person that would do such things. She also wanted to be an actress, not the First Lady of the United States. She was a private person and didn’t have any desire to have people poking around her private life. And why would she set out to destroy her career that she had worked so hard to build by announcing to the world she was having an affair with the President.

Jackie Kennedy is also said to have detested After the Fall (based on Marilyn) written by Arthur Miller. Why would she bother to care enough about someone who was allegedly her husband’s mistress?  

Via Wikipedia: 

According to Sarah Bradford, in her biography America’s Queen: The Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, “Jackie, who had admired Arthur Miller enough to seat him at her table at the Malraux dinner, turned on him for his betrayal of Marilyn in his play After the Fall, which opened in New York on January 23, 1964. For [Jackie Kennedy] loyalty was the ultimate test of character, and in portraying Marilyn as a self-destructive slut whom he had abandoned for her own good, Miller had dismally failed it. 

Marilyn met Bobby on these occasions:

On Thursday 1st February 1962 Marilyn attended a party celebrating Bobby’s goodwill tour of Japan at Pat and Peter Lawford’s home. 

Edwin Guthman commented on the way Marilyn and Bobby were behaving that evening. Stating that there was not “the faintest overtone of romantic interest on his side or hers.” He later stated that “I travelled with Bobby, day and night for five years and I never saw him pay attention to anyone but his wife.” 

Milton Ebbins, who had escorted her there, also took her home. Rumours began spreading after this meeting which prompted Jean, Bobby’s sister, to write to Marilyn sarcastically stating, “I understand you and Bobby are the hot item!”. Which later was mistakenly passed off as being a serious observation. 

Jean later stated that it was “ridiculous” to take it other than a joke. Marilyn even wrote a letter to her ex-stepson Bobby stating “Oh, Bobby, guess what: I had dinner last night with the Attorney-General of the United States, Robert Kennedy, and I asked him what his department was going to do about Civil Rights and some other issues. He’s very intelligent, and besides all that, he’s got a terrific sense of humor. I think you would like him. Anyway, I had to go to this dinner last night as he was the guest of honor and when they asked him who he wanted to meet, he wanted to meet me. So, I went to the dinner, and I sat next to him, and he isn’t a bad dancer either.” Records show she went home alone in a limo.  This was also the same night she called Joe DiMaggio twice as per the telephone notes so super awkward telling him about the new hot Kennedy in her life

On Wednesday 27th June 1962 Marilyn wanted Peter and Pat Lawford, as well as Bobby, to view her new home. After dinner at the Lawfords’ home, the attorney general’s driver took her back to Fifth Helena Drive. According to Eunice Murray, Marilyn’s housekeeper claims, “they all came to look at the house. She certainly didn’t go sneaking around with Mr Kennedy or have a love affair with him!”

Lastly, she saw Bobby again on Saturday 19th May 1962 when she was present to perform Happy Birthday for Bobby’s brother, John. After her world-famous performance, Marilyn, the Kennedy’s and other stars went to the home of Arthur B. Krim, where the only photograph of Marilyn Monroe and the two Kennedy brothers was taken. Milton Ebbins took her home at 2am.

On 3rd August 1962, Dorothy Kilgallen, a gossip columnist, implied Marilyn was in a relationship with RFK. It is said Marilyn was with “a handsome gentleman who has a bigger name than Joe DiMaggio”. Dorothy had written another article about Marilyn before. This however had her excluded from several exclusives due to “her general hostility towards Marilyn.” 

She wasn’t the only one. Walter Winchell, another gossip columnist, was also cut off from several press releases due to comments he made about Marilyn. He additionally wrote articles implying a relationship with RFK. In 1967, he wrote an article sourcing Frank Capell (who was an extreme right-wing Republican who officially started the Kennedy murder rumours.  However, he attended Marilyn’s funeral. 

In 1964, Frank Cappell (friends with Jack Clemmons who investigated Marilyn’s death) wrote 70 pages booklet named The Strange Death of Marilyn Monroe. It was this document that implied Robert Kennedy was involved in Marilyn’s death for the first time. He used Walter Winchell as a source… Who in fact had used HIM as a source. 

Cappell hated the Kennedys and so, along with Clemmons and another radical right-wing supporter named John Fergus, the three of them were indicted in 1965 for conspiracy of libel. 

The obsession to take down the Kennedy brothers, who they felt were soft on communism, left them to be known as unreliable sources of information. They made these accusations purely based on their hate for the Kennedys and nothing else.

Norman Mailer’s 1973 biography of Marilyn was not a traditional biography. He read the available biographies, watched her movies, and looked at photographs of her but for the rest of it, he stated, “I speculated.” Which isn’t enough when you are selling a product. 

The book’s final chapter theorises that Marilyn was murdered by rogue agents of the FBI and CIA who resented her supposed affair with Robert Kennedy (which didn’t happen). Norman Mailer later admitted that he embellished the book with speculations about Monroe’s sex life and death, all of which he did not himself believe. He openly admitted that he said all this to ensure the book’s commercial success.

In addition, Mailer did an interview with journalist Mike Wallace in July 1973. Wallace asked how he thought Marilyn died. “I’d say it was a 10-1 that Marilyn’s death was an accidental suicide,” Mailer replied. So why did he make up the RFK, CIA/FBI rumour? “I needed money very badly.”

Arthur Miller (Marilyn’s ex-husband) wrote that Mailer saw himself as Marilyn “in drag, acting out his own Hollywood fantasies of fame and sex unlimited and power.” Not exactly the review one would hope for.

JFK and his family, including Patricia Newcomb, were at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, about 3000 miles from Los Angeles. They were photographed. 

ST-C22-1-62 04 August 1962 President Kennedy and family, Hyannis Port. L-R: John F. Kennedy Jr., Mrs. Kennedy, Caroline Bouvier Kennedy, President Kennedy. Photograph by Cecil Stoughton, White House, in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.

On the 3rd August 1962, Robert Kennedy had flown from Washington to meet his wife Ethel, and children at his friend John Bates’s ranch in California (not far south from San Francisco). It was mentioned in the Los Angeles Times. The family had stayed there for the entire weekend before attending a convention of the American Bar Association on Monday 6th August.

There are photographs taken over the course of this weekend as well as multiple witness testimonies about how he didn’t leave the ranch the entire weekend. John Bates himself stated: “The attorney general and his family were with us every minute from the Friday afternoon until the Monday.”

Nancy Bates said that on the 4th August (the night Marilyn died) that “Dinner lasted until about ten-thirty and we were in our bedrooms not long after that.”

On Sunday 5th August, Bates and the Kennedys needed to leave early to get to Mass, in Gilroy (100 miles from Marilyn’s home), their attendance was reported in the paper the following day. After lunch, they drove to San Francisco where the family would stay during the convention.

An FBI file (77-51387-293) confirms this schedule of the attorney general and his family.

Robert Slatzer, the one who mentioned the Red Diary in a 1974 book, met Marilyn once in 1952 whilst she filmed Niagara. They had a couple of photos together and since her death, he has been a plague to all researchers’ lives. Why? 

He insisted he married Marilyn on 4th October 1952 in Mexico. Apparently, they had the wedding certificate burnt as the studio didn’t want them to get married. However, on the date that he states they travelled (3rd) Marilyn is photographed at the Photoplay Awards in Los Angeles. There is also a cheque made out to Jax in Beverly Hills on the 4th October 1952. 

He states they were very close until she died despite the fact there are no photos other than those in 1952 or letters.

From Donald Spoto’s book:

While filming scenes at Niagara Falls, [Monroe] was asked by a twenty-five-year-old visitor from Ohio named Robert Slatzer to pose with him for snapshots. For such impromptu photos and importuned autographs, no public figure was ever more generous and cooperative with admirers and strangers than Marilyn, nor was any more exploited before or since her death…

In 1972, with Marilyn conveniently unable to contradict him, Slatzer approached journalist Will Fowler with a short, incomplete article in which Slatzer speculated that Marilyn Monroe’s death was part of a political conspiracy… “Too bad you weren’t married to Monroe,” Fowler said, unimpressed with Slatzer’s proposal. “That would really make a great book.” Soon after, Slatzer contacted Fowler again, saying he had forgotten to mention that he had indeed been married to Marilyn. 

“Slatzer made a career of being a pretender,” according to Fowler, “selling gullible talk show producers who don’t do their research very well with the deception that he was married to Marilyn. He was never married to her. He met the star only once, in Niagara Falls… He never met Marilyn before or since.” 

Among the most persistent but injudicious of his assertions is his absurd claim that he spent the weekend of October 3 to 6, 1952, with Marilyn Monroe in Tijuana, Mexico, where they were married on October 4… Quite apart from the fact that Marilyn was in Los Angeles that entire weekend, Slatzer could never produce a written record of the union or its dissolution but the receipt from Spoto’s research proves she was in LA. Essentially, he cannot be trusted as a reliable source of information.

The red diary in which he alleges to have existed was meant to have contained many government secrets relating to the Kennedy’s. This is a falsehood that he made in 1974. He said Marilyn was going to reveal these secrets to the world if RFK ended their romance. According to Slatzer Marilyn also had recorded conversations with the president and attorney general. Only Slatzer knew about this. But according to him, therefore the Kennedys had Marilyn murdered. The only red book that matches this description was a collection of Arthur Miller’s works that he got made and dedicated to Marilyn. 

If you want to believe Sam Giancana’s memoir, he killed her just before midnight (please remember Marilyn couldn’t have died later than 10 pm) at the orders of the CIA. However, he cannot exactly be trusted. Firstly, he was the boss of the mafia. So, honesty isn’t top of the priority list. 

Secondly, he claims he is the reason Marilyn got famous. Except he clearly didn’t do a good job as she was paid lousy amounts in comparison to her co-stars, still had to work her butt off and was treated badly by her studio. 

Thirdly, there is absolutely no reason he would’ve done so. The CIA had no reason to have Marilyn murdered and neither did the Mafia. 

He didn’t know Marilyn. Yes, he knew Frank Sinatra and visited Cal-Neva Lodge. And yes, Marilyn also knew Frank and visited Cal-Neva Lodge. Does this mean they knew each other? No. It simply means they had a mutual acquaintance. 

There is no proof other than a few books that claim Marilyn and Giancana were present at Lake Tahoe at the same time (and that she was raped by the Mafia whilst intoxicated).

It should be remembered that when a book comes out decades later and claims things when there are no surviving witnesses but it’s an exciting story that will sell, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be true.  

The real question should be why would the Mafia wish to kill Marilyn? Why would the Kennedy’s have hired the Mafia? Especially when RFK had led some very tough battles against the mafia in the first place. In fact, JFK had to distance himself from Sinatra for his links to the Mafia… so why would they now risk everything and by employing them to kill a one-night stand?!

If the President of the USA and Attorney General wanted to keep something secret, it’s easier and safer to hire publicists and pay off journalists to squash rumours. Or just let them be, especially if they are featured in a gossip column. Because after all, that’s all it is, gossip.

From their meetings, Marilyn only met Bobby with others present and she had a one-night stand with JFK (which was a common occurrence for him). Marilyn was not special in any regard to the Kennedys other than having a few mutual friends. 

Marilyn didn’t have a diary of secrets (or a diary of any sort) that she was going to expose to the world. Because what would they have told her? 

To believe that such important political figures would share such information with someone they met no more than four occasions is ludicrous. 

However, JFK did have an affair with Judith Exner (aka Judith Campbell). She had evidence to prove she was with him for approximately 18-months after they met in 1960 thanks to Frank Sinatra introducing them both at one of his shows. 

On the 7th March 1960, the night before the New Hampshire primary, Kennedy and Exner made love for the first time in New York City, according to her account. The affair continued into his presidency. Judith also was introduced to Sam Giancana through Frank. She says she became a messenger between JFK and Giancana to help him be elected as president. If anyone was to be “bumped off” for knowing “too much” it would’ve been Judith.

You can read my full article here but putting it simply:

Robert Kennedy wasn’t in Los Angeles at the time of Marilyn’s death, as recorded by the FBI, numerous journalists and witnesses who saw him that weekend.

Peter Lawford who “witnessed” these events was at home and had planned a dinner party that evening. There were multiple calls made to Marilyn as well as statements from witnesses asserting that Lawford had been at home all night.

Marilyn took the medications she had been prescribed. She died due to taking too many of them in a short period. The autopsy reports do not show any reason to doubt what killed her. Drinking poison is not one of those reasons. 

The sources of information of Marilyn being murdered are unreliable, untrustworthy sources. This also includes Eunice Murray who changed her story several times.

These people have released brand new “information” years after Marilyn’s death. There is no one to contradict their stories. And because rumour and speculation sell so well, more and more fictitious tales have made headlines.

  • Injection? 

    There were no visible puncture marks that can confirm this. Puncture marks take up to 24 hours to heal. And it would’ve had to have been a very fine needle. Many people claim this is the cause of death due to the lack of residue in her stomach. However, this can be explained due to the fact she hadn’t eaten anything that day so the pills would’ve absorbed quickly. 
  • Enema?

    Her autopsy report shows there was faecal matter present, therefore she wasn’t given an enema. Despite Donald Spoto being one of the better biographers and his book being a wonderful source of information, his theory on the lethal enema administered by Mrs. Murray and Dr. Greenson doesn’t fit with the science. 
  • Poison? 

    Based on her toxicology report, no. Her blood and liver were consistent with an overdose of two of the barbiturates she was prescribed. To drink the amount to reach the levels that were in her blood, it would’ve had to have been intentional. There was no evidence presented that showed that had consumed poison. 

27/50 capsules of Librium 5mg

17/50 capsules of Librium 10mg

26/36 tablets Sulfathalidine 10mg

0/25 of Nembutal 1.5g

10/50 Chloral Hydrate 0.5g

0/50 Noludar 

32 tablets without label

24/25 Phenergan 25mg 

Due to the fact there was faecal matter present, no. Also, decolourisation is very common with overdoses.

No, Marilyn didn’t own a washer or a dryer. 

None of this is mentioned in the police report. The story comes from Jack Clemmons (police officer who turned out to be a dirty cop) in Goddess by Anthony Summers, a book full of falsehoods. Clemmons and two other officers were there for a maximum of twenty minutes.

The layout of Marilyn’s home was also somewhat different to what Clemmons claims discovered by author Gary Vitacco-Robles. Receipts show that Marilyn’s items were always sent out to be cleaned and therefore had no requirement for a washer/dryer at home.

There are no tapes or real evidence to prove this. Again, it’s a rumour. 

Her funeral, held at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery on August 8th, was private and attended by only her closest associates. The service was arranged by Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn’s half-sister Berniece Baker Miracle and Mariyln’s business manager Inez Melson. Hundreds of spectators crowded the streets around the cemetery. Marilyn was entombed at Crypt No. 24 at the Corridor of Memories.

Marilyn was dressed in her mint green Pucci dress which she had worn at a press conference in Mexico. In her hands was a bouquet of small pink roses.  

Marilyn had asked her long-time friend and make-up artist, Allan ‘Whitey’ Snyder to do her makeup should she die before he died. He said, “Sure, drop off the body while it’s still warm and I’ll do it.”

She gifted him a Tiffany money clip engraved, “Whitey Dear, While I’m still warm, Marilyn.”

He kept his word. The eulogy was delivered by Lee Strasberg. You can listen to it here.

The music played was Tchaikovsky’s Sixth Symphony and a recording of Judy Garland singing Over the Rainbow.

Joe kissed Marilyn’s forehead, telling her “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

Those invited were:

  • Berniece Miracle (Half-Sister)
  • Joe DiMaggio & Joe DiMaggio Jnr. (Ex-Husband & Son)
  • Lee and Paula Strasberg (Acting Coaches)
  • Dr. Ralph Greenson and Family (Psychiatrist)
  • Allan Snyder (Make-up Artist and Close Friend)
  • Inez and Pat Melson (Inez was Marilyn’s Business Manager)
  • Sydney Guilaroff (Hairdresser and Friend)
  • Agnes Flanagan (Hairdresser)
  • Anne and Mary Karger (Longtime Friends)
  • George Solotaire (Friend of DiMaggio & Marilyn)
  • Pat Newcomb (Marilyn’s Publicist)
  • Eunice Murray (Marilyn’s Housekeeper)
  • Rudy Kautzky (Marilyn’s Chauffeur)
  • Florence Thomas (Marilyn’s Chambermaid)
  • Enid & Sam Knebelkamp (One of Marilyn’s Foster Parents)
  • Aaron Frosch (Marilyn’s Lawyer)
  • Milton Rudin (Marilyn’s Lawyer)
  • May Reis (Marilyn’s Secretary)
  • Ralph Roberts (Marilyn’s Masseuse)
  • Erwin and Anne Goddard (Grace Goddard’s Family)

Multiple accounts show that Marilyn had people come to the house such as Lawrence Schiller, Agnes Flanagan and that she went to the beach near Peter Lawford’s home. However Schiller’s claims have changed over the years. He also later claimed that Marilyn had Bobby Kennedy at the house. Which is false. The Agnes Flanagan account came from a third party so cannot be confirmed. Marilyn going to the beach is unlikely as she spent the day in her dressing gown or house coat.

Again, accounts vary. Some people trying to get their 5 minutes, some which may have got days mixed up. Some may be correct. The phone records I have been shown have the numbers blocked out so it’s hard to really tell. Therefore it’s easiest to just go by the accounts taken around the time of her death.

I personally feel the ones she spoke to are Norman Rosten and his wife Hedda however this is likely to be on the 3rd August as it’s believed they had a 32 minute call. The records show a 32 minute call on the 3rd August.

Ralph Roberts was said to have called twice that day to plan a BBQ which is also likely as that’s not exactly a juicy story.

Joe Jr. also had no reason to make up the stories of his calls, he also was able to account what was on TV at the time.

Peter Lawford may have spoken to Marilyn at least once.

Marlon Brando also claims that he spoke to Marilyn in the morning of the 4th to talk about her LIFE article from the day before. He, again, may have got the dates wrong.

According to a Los Angeles prosecutor, John Miner, Ralph Greenson apparently played some tapes of his and Marilyn’s sessions for him while he was investigating her death in 1962. However, these tapes have never been found, and Greenson’s archive at UCLA is not available to the public. John Miner transcribed the tapes… from memory, decades later.

In this transcript, Marilyn talks about orgasms and enemas. The accuracy of this transcript is highly doubted. Marilyn’s voice and tone within this are very different to other published interviews, or even the notes she had written. Therefore, it is believed these tapes probably don’t exist.

The documentary, Marilyn’s Last Sessions, actually uses interviews between Marilyn and Georges Belmont for Marie Claire in 1960 and are sold to the audience as being private tapes with her psychoanalyst. But they are not.

Many theories include whether Dr Ralph Greenson and/or Eunice Murray killed Marilyn either by accident or murder.

Although I am a big fan of Donald Spoto’s work, I don’t believe his theory on this. I used to though. Until reading up on some documents and interviews with coroners.

The main theory is that Greenson and Murray administered an enema. However, due to the faecal matter present at the autopsy, this is impossible. Discolourisation is common in death in general so this is not a factor. Marilyn DID have enemas for dietary and medical purposes in the past but not on this date.

So, did they kill her any other way?

Science, (as mentioned in previous answers) show that is highly unlikely that she was killed by any other means and that it is incredibly possible she died via oral overdose.

Why would they want to kill Marilyn (always a question you need to ask)? People say it’s because Marilyn was going to sack them. Now, why would you kill someone that was going to stop using your services? Surely that would end your services when they were dead.

Although Murray’s story kept changing and Greenson was a manipulator, it’s unlikely they would’ve killed her. as there is no evidence to support this.

Eunice’s story did change on several occasions.

Interviews with Eunice have many changes to her story, dependent on whatever death theory is popular at the time. She may have enjoyed the attention she was receiving and publicity. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean anything is being covered up. It just means she is an unreliable witness and source of information.

John Miner was an attorney who investigated Marilyn’s death. He claims Ralph Greenson played him his and Marilyn’s private tapes. Decades later, he wrote a transcript from memory. The transcript doesn’t fit with how Marilyn spoke, at all. This has been discredited as nonsense by Marilyn researchers.

He believes Marilyn died from suppository/enema due to the discolouration of her colon. It has also been reported that he believed it was an injection. However, the discolourisation occurs in death anyway so doesn’t prove this as the cause. He was not a medical examiner. Many ME’s do not believe in the enema or suppository theory.

He claims he was present at the autopsy, however, the coroner Dr Thomas Noguchi does not recall John Miner being present at the autopsy.

Again, he is not deemed a reliable source.