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Marilyn ASMR: It Makes Me Goosepimply All Over!

Marilyn Monroe ASMR

In 2018, when I was pregnant and finding it hard to sleep I discovered ASMR. Years later I still listen to it on tricky to sleep nights. I also listen to it when I need a bit of a wind down (you get those days too right?) You may have heard about ASMR before and not enjoyed it much. Some can be off putting or seem damn right weird. However, there may be some of you may have absolutely no clue what I am talking about. Keep reading either way, you need this in your life.


Putting it simply, ASMR is when a your body reacts to certain pleasurable triggers. It’s not sexual (for the most part) but gives a euphoric sensation, also known as “tingles.” Different motions and sounds can bring on these tingles.

Everyone has different triggers. Mine are mainly whispering, soft spoken videos, with gentle hand movements, hair brushing and washing as well as fabrics… I don’t enjoy ASMR containing any eating, mouth clicking. It makes me gag!

One of my absolute favourite ASMRtists is Maria from Gentle Whispering. And to my absolute joy she has created videos as Marilyn Monroe. Or ASMRilyn videos, if you will… Okay, I’ll stop.

Let’s start with a little bit of background on Maria.

Maria travelled from Russia to the USA as part of a work programme for students. However, she was scammed by what she would discover later as traffickers. Absolutely horrifying! She remained stuck in the USA due to the difficulties she had getting back home as well as contacting family. She worked her fingers to the bone in order to survive. Thankfully she has now settled down with her husband and daughter (still in America), creating these wonderfully relaxing videos for us all to enjoy. You can watch more about her troubled arrival here.

Maria’s videos focus a lot on my favourite triggers and the research she does for each one is absolutely insane. She knows about face mapping, skin and hair care, colour analysis, interior design and so much more. There is literally a topic for everyone.

I personally feel she has done an exceptional job in impersonating Marilyn for her videos, please give them a watch and try not to fall asleep.


Isn’t she delicious?

Maria clearly works so hard for her videos and these are no exception. Her make up, voice and facial expressions really capture the Marilyn the world recognises today!

I love that despite not having an American accent like Marilyn, she is still able to encapsulate Marilyn Monroe’s soft, sexy voice. I could listen to it all day (and night).


See how much effort Maria has put into these videos. It’s clear this isn’t something just thrown together.

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