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Just Because Marilyn Monroe…

There are still many misconceptions about Marilyn based on a few experiences she had and choices she made in her life. So…

Just because Marilyn Monroe:

  • Was a sex symbol doesn’t mean she “slept around” or was a “whore”;
  • Was curvaceous doesn’t mean she was “fat”.
  • Spent time with studio executives doesn’t mean she was a part of the casting couch system. She didn’t sleep with heads of studios to get roles. In fact, she was adamant it wasn’t on the cards for her. This is probably why it took so long for her to get a starring role despite her obvious talent and determination. She stated in My Story, “I was determined, no one was going to use me or my body—even if he could help my career. I’ve never gone out with a man I didn’t want to. No one, not even the studio, could force me to date someone. The one thing I hate more than anything else is being used. I’ve always worked hard for the sake of someday becoming a talented actress. I knew I would make it someday if I only kept at it and worked hard without lowering my principles and pride in myself.”
Marilyn and Joe Schenck
  • Had her appearance altered slightly doesn’t mean she was a fake;
  • Played “dumb blondes” doesn’t mean she was one;
  • Married young doesn’t mean she was easy. It was done out of necessity to keep her out of the orphanage;
  • Was prescribed medication doesn’t mean she was an addict of recreational drugs. Her doctors failed her by prescribing far too much medication creating a dependence;
  • Sought advice from her acting coaches doesn’t mean she was a bad actress. She simply required reassurance and support for what she was trying to achieve from her work;
Marilyn and Paula Strasberg
  • Had an affair on one occasion (Yves Montand), doesn’t mean she was constantly sleeping with men behind her husbands back;
  • Was one of the most profitable stars of the 1950s doesn’t mean she was rich. In fact she was paid poorly in comparison to what she was bringing in for the studios;
  • Was late to appointments and suffered from anxiety doesn’t mean she was a bad person;
  • Had therapy doesn’t mean she was unhappy all the time. She had plenty of happy occasions throughout her life. Sadly her mental health affected this greatly;
  • Didn’t have children doesn’t mean she had abortions. In fact she wanted children desperately but had fertility issues brought on by endometriosis;
  • Was photographed with champagne and occasionally was tipsy (hello welcome to Hollywood), doesn’t mean she was an alcoholic. In fact many of her friends and colleagues would say a glass of champagne was more of a prop;
Marilyn photographed by George Barris, 1962.
  • Forgot lines or was late to set doesn’t mean she was difficult on purpose. In fact she suffered from stage fright and anxiety despite loving her job. Her endometriosis also caused many issues with her not being able to work as effectively as she had hoped;
  • Had a lot of books and was intelligent doesn’t mean she had an IQ of 168. Her IQ was never tested;
Marilyn photographed by Harold Lloyd, 1952.
  • Had a tough childhood, doesn’t mean she was weak in adulthood;
  • Endured hardships throughout her life, doesn’t mean she was a victim;
  • Had friends associated with the Mafia (aka Frank Sinatra), doesn’t mean she was;
Marilyn singing Happy Birthday to President John F. Kennedy, 1962.
  • Met said President on one private occasion where he may have had an affair with her, doesn’t mean she suddenly had desires to become First Lady;
  • Had an FBI file on her doesn’t mean she was part of a huge government conspiracy;
  • Made calls to the White House doesn’t mean she was romantically involved with anyone in office;
  • Died from an overdose, doesn’t mean she did it on purpose;
  • Has had stories told about her, doesn’t make them true.

If Marilyn has taught me anything, it’s that not all is what it may seem.

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