In November 2023, I was presented with an intriguing opportunity to contribute to an article for All About History’s bookazine titled “What If… Alternative History.” The central focus of this article revolved around exploring various hypothetical scenarios related to Marilyn Monroe’s life and career, had she not tragically passed away in August 1962.

My primary goal was to delve into the following thought-provoking questions:

1. What would her movie career have looked like and for how long? Could she have won an Oscar in the years that followed?
2. Were there any key roles after her death that she may have been cast in, or further screen partnerships with actors like Jane Russell, Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, etc.?
3. What about her singing career and its potential evolution?
4. What would her personal life have looked like in terms of relationships, marriage, and children? Would she have been part of a showbiz couple, and if so, with whom?
5. Could the scandal around her alleged relationship with JFK have held her back or impacted his presidency? Could she have even married a Kennedy?
6. How would she have reacted to the events surrounding JFK’s assassination, and later, RFK’s? What impact would these have had on her life?
7. How would she have faced the challenges of growing older in the entertainment industry?
8. Could she have gained more control over her private life and public image?
9. Could she have become involved in activism, potentially advocating for causes such as addiction, abuse, HIV/AIDS, world poverty, or even serving as a UN Ambassador?

In researching and crafting this article, I drew upon Marilyn Monroe’s own words, reliable sources, and information that substantiated these compelling inquiries. You can read the full article in “What If… Alternative History, Volume 2,” available for digital purchase at Here’s a little sample below… And look! My face!