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Was she murdered?


John F Kennedy

This is false because: JFK and his family, including Patricia Kennedy Lawford (a friend of Marilyn’s), were at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, about 3000 miles from Los Angeles. Here is a photograph of them that day.

ST-C22-1-62 04 August 1962 President Kennedy and family, Hyannis Port. L-R: John F. Kennedy Jr., Mrs. Kennedy, Caroline Bouvier Kennedy, President Kennedy. Photograph by Cecil Stoughton.

Robert Kennedy

This is false because: On the 3rd of August 1962, Robert Kennedy had flown from Washington to meet his wife Ethel, and children at his friend John Bates’s ranch in California (not far south from San Francisco). It was mentioned in the Los Angeles Times. The family had stayed there for the entire weekend before attending a convention of the American Bar Association on Monday 6th August.

There are photographs taken over the course of this weekend as well as multiple witness testimonies about how he didn’t leave the ranch the entire weekend. John Bates himself stated: “The attorney general and his family were with us every minute from the Friday afternoon until the Monday.”

Nancy Bates said that on the 4th of August (the night Marilyn died) that “Dinner lasted until about ten-thirty and we were in our bedrooms not long after that.”

On Sunday 5th August, Bates and the Kennedys needed to leave early to get to Mass, in Gilroy (100 miles from Marilyn’s home), their attendance was reported in the paper the following day. After lunch, they drove to San Francisco where the family would stay during the convention.

An FBI file (77-51387-293) confirms this schedule of the attorney general and his family.

Peter Lawford

This is false because: Peter Lawford had a dinner party that evening. His wife, Pat, was in Hyannis Port with JFK and his family. Pat came back for Marilyn’s funeral a few days later. He had telephoned Marilyn (as well as others) and requested her to attend. Joseph Naar and his wife Dolores were guests (who attended from 8-10 pm) as well as George Durgam who witnessed his attempts to call Marilyn.

The Mafia/CIA

This is false because Sam Giancana’s memoir claimed he killed her just before midnight however due to rigour mortis, Marilyn couldn’t have died after 10 pm. The reason, he claims, was because of the orders of the CIA. Although, the head of the mafia is never going to be classed as a truthful source.

He also claims he was the reason Marilyn got famous. Except he clearly didn’t do a good job as she was paid lousy amounts in comparison to her co-stars, still had to work incredibly hard and was treated badly by her studio. Marilyn

Thirdly, the CIA had no reason to have Marilyn murdered and neither did the Mafia. There was no real connection.

He didn’t know Marilyn. Yes, he knew Frank Sinatra and visited Cal-Neva Lodge. Marilyn also knew Frank and visited Cal-Neva Lodge, as with others. It simply means they had a mutual acquaintance. 

Her Housekeeper (Eunice Murray) and/or Her Doctor (Ralph Greenson)

This is false because: It’s believed Marilyn was killed (intentionally or accidentally) by Ralph Greenson and/or Eunice Murray. This theory is perceived by Donald Spoto. Although I enjoy his biography on Marilyn, this theory has a few major flaws which I will delve into shortly…


Poison (oral)

This is false because: Based on her toxicology report her blood and liver were consistent with an overdose of two of the drugs she was prescribed. To drink the amount to reach the levels that were in her blood, it would’ve had to have been intentional. To have this put upon oneself (as is implied by some), there would’ve been signs of force and a struggle.

Poison (Injection)

This is false because: There were no visible puncture marks. Dr Thomas Noguchi examined Marilyn’s bodily thoroughly to find a needle mark. In addition, puncture marks take up to 24 hours to heal. It would’ve had to have been a very fine needle to leave no mark.


This is false because: Her autopsy report shows there was faecal matter present, therefore she wasn’t given an enema. Despite Donald Spoto being one of the better biographers and his book being a wonderful source of information, his theory on the lethal enema administered by Mrs Murray and Dr Greenson doesn’t fit with the facts.


This is false because: There were no signs of suffocation when her body was examined for autopsy. You’d have to be unconscious to not fight suffocation.


Her affair with JFK/RFK would ruin their public image

This is false because: It was public knowledge that JFK had several affairs. Marilyn is literally a needle in a haystack when it comes to the women JFK had relations with.

For example, Gunilla von Post had an affair with JFK whilst he was a senator and wrote to him and tried to end his marriage. She asked him to leave Jackie before having any children with her. She was not murdered.

Marlene Dietrich, another actress he had apparently had slept with (you may have heard of her) wasn’t murdered either.

It’s also rumoured that he had slept with Pamela Turnure, his wife’s press secretary. She was not murdered.

Marilyn’s relationship with John Kennedy is limited to a few public events and one private meeting at Bing Crosby’s house where it’s likely they slept together the one time. There was no passionate affair. Marilyn discussed the event with a few close friends and none of them felt she seemed smitten by him or that she wanted anything more than the one night they had together.

Robert is and was famously known as a family man, dedicated to his wife Ethel. He had only met Marilyn on a few occasions, all of which were at public events and parties. Jean Kennedy joked to Marilyn when there were reports of Marilyn and him being together, “Understand that you and Bobby are the new item! We all think you should come with him when he comes back East!'”

To many, this was an admission to the affair. However, it was sarcasm.

Moreover, it would’ve destroyed the hard work Marilyn put into her career and her reputation too for her to want to try and “takedown” the Kennedys.

The CIA wanted her dead


“Because of an affair with the Kennedys!”

See above…

I doubt the CIA really cared about who they slept with. The FBI, more specifically J. Edgar Hoover, however, was interested in destroying the reputation of everyone… Including the Kennedys. So there were always speculations and reports drawn up. Hoover even had a file on James Stewart saying he was gay because he lived with Henry Fonda. Not true.

None of these reports warranted any real concern as Hoover was well known for his paranoia and creating falsities.

She “knew too much”

This is one of the most common answers I receive when I ask someone why they think Marilyn was murdered by the Kennedys/CIA/FBI/Mafia. Apparently, Marilyn had been told a large number of government secrets and was going to expose them.

This is false because: There is no evidence of Marilyn knowing or receiving information regarding any government information. Marilyn was rarely ever left alone with any government officials other than her one night stand with JFK in which I don’t think he used government secrets to woo her. Marilyn also had a few confidantes whom she told practically everything. None of those people ever came forward to say this was the reason for her death.

She was going to fire Murray/Greenson and didn’t need them anymore

It is likely Marilyn was going to begin removing certain people in her life. Murdering your patient/employer wouldn’t necessarily help your cause if you wanted to remain employed.


The bedsheets were being cleaned

This is false because: Marilyn didn’t own a washer or a dryer. There are receipts and logs of every item in Marilyn’s home. No washer or dryer.

None of this is mentioned in the police report. The story comes from Jack Clemmons (a police officer who had been fired for slandering a US Senator with Frank Cappell) in Goddess by Anthony Summers, a book full of falsehoods. Summers is also the narrator of the Netflix documentary The Unheard Tapes. Clemmons and two other officers were present in Marilyn’s home for a maximum of 20-30 minutes. He wasn’t the investigating officer nor was he head of her case.

The layout of Marilyn’s home was also somewhat different to what Clemmons claims, discovered by author Gary Vitacco-Robles. In addition, receipts show that Marilyn’s items were always sent out to be cleaned and therefore she had no requirement for a washer/dryer at home.

Marilyn was found on her bed, with sheets. For soiled sheets to be cleaned her body would’ve been moved and new bedsheets added. Her body did not show signs of movement.

Her neck was swollen

This is false because: Her autopsy report states her neck showed no signs of trauma. The autopsy attendant is the one who claimed Marilyn’s neck needed to be cut to reduce the swelling. However, this was never noted on her autopsy report, conducted by Noguchi, and therefore shouldn’t be considered as evidence. When looking at reports we should rely on the facts given by the Doctor undertaking the examinations at the time.

There were no pills/residue in her stomach


Medical examiners and researchers have stated that due to Marilyn not having eaten, the digestion of the pills would’ve happened quickly, leaving little residue. Moreover, as it is more than likely she passed out and was still alive, the digestion of the pills would’ve continued. The question is normally raised because there should’ve been SOME residue. However, when Marilyn’s body was examined some specimens were destroyed. This was common in 1962 and was not deemed suspicious. Should the intestines have been examined fully it is likely there would’ve been traces.

Marilyn’s pill addiction would have caused her body to “dump” the Nembutal. Noguchi may have found more evidence of the drugs further down her intestine, but he only examined the first foot (as was protocol at the time).

If she had vomited (which would explain the lack of residue) there still would’ve been traces of the pills in her stomach and the liver levels would’ve been lower than what they were. There was no vomit found on her bed.

Evidence went missing

After organs were examined and the cause of death was established, the organs were then destroyed. A common practice for 1962.

The red diary

This is false because: Marilyn did not own a red diary and the first person to mention this has been proven to be incredibly unreliable.

In 1972, with Marilyn conveniently unable to contradict him, a man called Robert Slatzer approached journalist Will Fowler with a short, incomplete article in which Slatzer speculated that Marilyn Monroe’s death was part of a political conspiracy… “Too bad you weren’t married to Monroe,” Fowler said, unimpressed with Slatzer’s proposal. “That would really make a great book.” Soon after, Slatzer contacted Fowler again, saying he had forgotten to mention that he had indeed been married to Marilyn

“Slatzer made a career of being a pretender,” according to Fowler, “selling gullible talk show producers who don’t do their research very well with the deception that he was married to Marilyn. He was never married to her. He met the star only once, in Niagara Falls… He never met Marilyn before or since.” 

Among the most persistent but injudicious of his assertions is his absurd claim that he spent the weekend of October 3 to 6, 1952, with Marilyn Monroe in Tijuana, Mexico, where they were married on October 4… Quite apart from the fact that Marilyn was in Los Angeles that entire weekend, Slatzer could never produce a written record of the union or its dissolution but the receipt from Spoto’s research proves she was in LA. Essentially, he cannot be trusted as a reliable source of information.

The red diary in which he alleges to have existed was meant to have contained many government secrets relating to the Kennedys. This is ANOTHER falsehood that he made in 1974. He said Marilyn was going to reveal these secrets to the world if RFK ended their romance. According to Slatzer Marilyn also had recorded conversations with the president and attorney general. Only Slatzer knew about this. But according to him, therefore the Kennedys had Marilyn murdered. The only red book that matches this description was a collection of Arthur Miller’s works that he got made and dedicated to Marilyn. 

Police officers who worked on the case said so

Many of the police officers who worked on the case ended up fired later on – aka Jack Clemmons. The detective who wrote The Night Bobby Kennedy Killed Marilyn Monroe turns out to know very little about Marilyn, her life and death. You can read April Vevea’s fact check and review here. Most of the evidence from the book comes from other authors with no fresh evidence.

They called the police very late to the scene so they clearly wanted to cover up the crime

It’s not uncommon for publicity and press agents as well as the legal team of a celebrity to be informed of their client’s death before the authorities.

She had telephoned Jackie Kennedy saying she was going to come clean about the affair

Again any telephone calls to the White House are likely to be to Bobby Kennedy whom she was in discussions about civil rights. It may have been more than that, it may have not. Either way, Jackie Kennedy never had any ill will toward Marilyn and had even defended her when she saw After The Fall (a play based on Arthur Miller and Marilyn’s marriage). Jackie was said to have also been very aware of JFK’s infidelities.

Eunice Murray admitted in a BBC interview that Bobby had been there

This 1985 interview has never been seen… therefore is likely to not exist.

Her house had been bugged

The story of the bugs comes from Fred Otash, again in the book Goddess. Apparently, he bugged her apartment on Doheny Drive and her home at 5th Helena.

This is false because: There has never been any bugging equipment found at the apartment on Doheny Drive. When Veronica Hamel claimed that 5th Helena Drive was wired there was a slight hitch…There’s no proof that she ever owned the place, let alone paid $100,000 getting bugs removed. However, the Nunez family who bought the property in 1963 and owned it until 1980 never made these claims, despite Hamel’s 1972 claims.

There was a helicopter that belonged to the Kennedys

Another tale from Robert Slatzer.

There was no glass for her to take the pills

This is false because: There was a glass next to Marilyn’s bed. There was also a used glass on her kitchen worktop. Many people claim that the bedroom glass was placed there by the police in an effort to cover up a murder. Some say because her water was turned off she didn’t drink any water with the pills. However, there is a photo of the water tank in her kitchen for drinking. Marilyn also had juice in her fridge and so there’s no real reason why this should be used to back up the murder theory.


  • Donald Wolfe – Biographer using the below “sources” as evidence for the conspiracies
  • Anthony Summers – Biographer using the below “sources” as evidence for the conspiracies
  • Norman Mailer– Biographer using the below “sources” as evidence for the conspiracies and openly admitted he speculated most of his book because he “needed the money.”
  • Robert Slatzer – Claimed to be married to Marilyn with no documentation and used the marriage in order to sell his story. Known for creating many of these rumours.
  • James Hall – Ambulance paramedic who was paid $40,000 to tell his story to a newspaper which can easily be debunked with science. 
  • Jack Clemmons – A “dirty cop”. The first officer on the scene was dismissed by the force. 
  • Jeanne Carmen – A supposed confidante. No evidence shows Marilyn even knew her, let alone saw her as a close friend. 
  • Frank Cappell – In 1964, Frank Cappell wrote a 70 pages booklet named The Strange Death of Marilyn Monroe. It was this document that implied Robert Kennedy was involved in Marilyn’s death for the first time. He was anti-Kennedy.
  • Lionel Grandison – Coroner’s clerk whose character was discredited after a forgery charge. He claims he was forced to sign Marilyn’s death certificate under the duress of Theodore Curphey which is denied by the retired coroner. He also claims to have seen “The Red Diary despite” clerks having no access to evidence.


Money, fame, recognition, attention.

If you’ve ever watched 12 Angry Men, there is a section of the film where they are wondering why a witness would lie in court. It takes some convincing but the jury realises that the witness probably enjoys feeling the spotlight and getting attention.

If all of those people who released the stories about Marilyn’s death were all telling the truth then Marilyn was murdered by a number of people, for multiple reasons in several ways. Whereas the simplest and most logical explanation is backed up with more evidence than any of the theories above.


Marilyn overdosed in the past. Whether it was accidental or intentional, I cannot say. But when it comes to barbiturates, your memory can be fogged and it can be hard to keep track of the medication you had already taken.

In addition, it is also possible for someone who feels that their dosage isn’t working to take more without considering the consequences. Marilyn had been incredibly tired the day she died and may have felt a couple more pills would actually help her sleep. Unfortunately, it was lethal and caused her to pass out before she ultimately died.

Medical science wasn’t as thorough as it is now. But many of the things people tend to question about Marilyn’s autopsy tend to be so they can back up their cover-up theory. The coroner may not have reported some things because:

1. It wasn’t common practice to do so.

2. It was irrelevant because it was so obvious Marilyn died from an overdose.

The cause of death was “probable suicide”. Many want to say this is suspicious. When really all it means is “Marilyn may have committed suicide.” The reality is her death is more than likely due to “accidental overdose.”

Our Marilyn Monroe



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