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How can you prove RFK didn’t kill Marilyn?

On the 3rd August 1962, Robert Kennedy had flown from Washington to meet his wife Ethel, and children at his friend John Bates’s ranch in California (not far south from San Francisco). It was mentioned in the Los Angeles Times. The family had stayed there for the entire weekend before attending a convention of the American Bar Association on Monday 6th August.

There are photographs taken over the course of this weekend as well as multiple witness testimonies about how he didn’t leave the ranch the entire weekend. John Bates himself stated: “The attorney general and his family were with us every minute from the Friday afternoon until the Monday.”

Nancy Bates said that on the 4th August (the night Marilyn died) that “Dinner lasted until about ten-thirty and we were in our bedrooms not long after that.”

On Sunday 5th August, Bates and the Kennedys needed to leave early to get to Mass, in Gilroy (100 miles from Marilyn’s home), their attendance was reported in the paper the following day. After lunch, they drove to San Francisco where the family would stay during the convention.

An FBI file (77-51387-293) confirms this schedule of the attorney general and his family.

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