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TRIGGER WARNING: Sex, sexual assault, drugs, miscarriages, mental and physical health



1st June: Norma Jeane Mortenson is born at the Los Angeles General Hospital.

On her birth certificate, she was identified as the daughter of Gladys Monroe (her maiden name). She used the surname of Martin Edward Mortenson for her daughter, her second husband, whom she divorced in 1928. 

Week of 13th June: Gladys places Norma Jeane in care of Albert and Ida Bolender who received $25 a week for the care of fostering children, either from the parents or the state. 

Gladys would visit Norma Jeane at weekends and take care of her. The Bolenders cared for Norma Jeane for seven years.

6th December: Norma Jeane is baptised at the temple of Sister Aimee Semple MacPherson, a Pentecostal Minister, at the Four Square Gospel Church. 


July: Due to her declining health and heart issues, Della starts having hallucinations. Apparently, she left her home, walked to the Bolenders house and beat at the door demanding to see Norma Jeane. She eventually broke through a window.  It’s reported that she tried to suffocate Norma Jeane with a pillow. 

4th June:  Della is admitted to the Norwalk State Hospital where acute myocarditis was diagnosed.

23rd August: Della dies of heart failure during a manic episode which Gladys, then Marilyn herself, would consider as an inherited malediction. 

According to her death certificate, she died from myocarditis and also “a manic-depressive psychosis” however, her medical records didn’t mention any psychiatric or neurological analysis.


Norma Jeane adopts a dog named Tippy, which she found and brought home. The Bolenders agree to let her keep the dog.


29th May: Gladys’s grandfather, Tilford Hogan, commits suicide due to the Great Depression, furthering Gladys’s conviction that mental health issues run in the family. 

June: Apparently due to Tippy’s barking, an annoyed neighbour kills the dog leaving Norma Jeane heartbroken. The Bolenders call Gladys who arrives at the end of June with her friend Grace McKee to take Norma Jeane back to her apartment. 

August: Using a low-rate property loan, Gladys purchases a six-bedroom house, not far from the Hollywood bowl which came with a baby grand piano. Gladys had paid Marilyn to have lessons when she lived with the Bolenders. They move in at the end of August and begin renting a room to a couple of English actors. 

September: Norma Jeane attended the Selma Avenue school in which she was registered under the misspelling, Norma Jean.  


January: Gladys, who had taking medication (the effects weren’t fully understood for the time) her depression the previous year, starts suffering from manic episodes. She is taken to hospital. Norma Jeane is looked after by the British couple and Grace McKee. 

February: Gladys leaves the hospital. 

Fall: Gladys’ house is put up for sale. 


15th January:  Gladys is admitted at the Norwalk State Hospital, declared as having paranoid schizophrenia.

Grace McKee pursues the necessary steps to become Norma Jeane’s legal guardian. In the meantime, she stays in numerous foster homes.

13th September: Due to an obligatory stay in an orphanage before Grace could be Norma Jeane’s guardian, she arrives at the Los Angeles Orphans Home Society.  


7th June: Norma Jeane leaves the orphanage and moves in with a now-married Grace Goddard. She left not long after due to a sexual assault from Doc Goddard, Grace’s husband. 

November: Grace placed Norma Jeane in Ida Martin’s care (ex-wife of Marion Monroe, Gladys’s brother who disappeared in 1929 and didn’t return).


29th August: Grace Goddard takes Norma Jeane to live with her Aunt, Ana Lower who believed in Christian Science. 

October: Norma Jeane discovers she has a sister, Berniece. 


June: Grace takes Norma Jeane to visit Gladys in San Francisco where she is hospitalised. 

End of 1939: Ana Lower suffers from cardiovascular issues. 



27th June: Norma Jeane returns to the Goddards home. 

September: Norma Jeane meets James Dougherty (Jim) who lives in the home opposite the Goddards. 

December: Norma Jeane and Jim Dougherty begin dating.


February: The Goddards prepare to move to West Virginia but are unable to take Norma Jeane, so she was required to either go back to the orphanage or get married. 

19th June: Norma Jeane and Jim get married to avoid Norma Jeane having to return to the orphanage. Ana Lower made her wedding gown for the event but no family attended the ceremony which took place in a friend of Grace’s home. The Bolenders however did attend. 


January: The lease runs out on Dougherty’s apartment so they move in with Jim’s parents. 

Jim is enlisted in the Selective Service for the military. During this period, Norma Jeane went to live in North Hollywood with Jim’s parents.

September: Jim was allowed to have Norma Jeane live with him at the HQ of the Merchant Marines at Catalina Island.  

December: Tensions between the couple begin due to Jim’s jealousy as Norma Jeane becomes widely admired by other men. 


Spring: Norma Jeane leaves Catalina and lives with her mother-in-law, Ethel, in North Hollywood.  She soon became bored being at home alone whilst Ethel worked at the Radio Plane. She eventually asked Ethel to get her a job there.

April: Norma Jeane starts at the Radio Plane. Originally, she started varnishing the plane’s fuselage. 

Summer: During the summer holidays, Norma Jeane visits Grace Goddard, Bebe Goddard and stays with her sister Berniece. 

Fall: Norma Jeane and Berniece meet for the first time when visiting her in Detroit. 

October: Norma Jeane returns to the Radio Plane but is given the new role of folding and checking parachutes. 

Corporal David Conover, was asked to photograph women at work. These images were for the army to show women’s support for the men’s role. Norma Jeane was photographed whilst at work as well as other photo sessions.


10th February: Norma Jeane sells her baby grand piano to Ana Lower. 

Spring: Norma Jeane begins modelling for more photographers including Conover. Conover was impressed by her attention to detail with posing, lighting and film quality. 

2nd August: Norma Jeane signs a contract with Blue Book Modelling Agency and leaves the Radio Plane Munitions Factory. She takes lessons in beauty and makeup, fashion and etiquette. 

September: Norma Jeane is hired instantly with campaigns for companies such as Holga Steel Company, Montgomery Ward, the Hollywood Fashion show and Douglas luxury airlines(released in 1946).

November: Blue Book Modelling Agency suggests Norma Jeane as a model for Andre De Dienes in which they had many sittings for the remainder of the year and during much of her career. 

Gladys is also released from the hospital and lives with her aunt.  Grace arranges a meeting between Norma Jeane and her estranged mother. 

When returning home from a photoshoot from De Dienes, Jim asks Norma Jeane to choose between her career or married life with him. She chooses the former and moves in with Ana Lower.


January: Norma Jeane completes more modelling assignments and starts lightening her hair. 

February: Norma Jeane poses for pin-up illustrator Earl Moran as well as other photographers. She also starts discussing the possibilities of becoming an actress.  

11th March: Norma Jeane signs a contract with National Concerts Artists Corporation.  Harry Lipton becomes her agent. He advises her to divorce Jim. 

14th May: Norma Jeane moves to Las Vegas in order to obtain a divorce from Jim. It was in Vegas she would meet Bill Pursel who she dated temporarily 

19th July: Norma Jeane is taken to the set of Betty Grable’s new film, Mother Wore Tights for a screen test. She is introduced to filmmaker Leon Shamroy, make-up artist Allan “Whitey” Snyder (who later became her personal make-up artist), director Walter Lang and head of wardrobe, Charles LeMaire as well as head of production Darryl F. Zanuck. 

29th July: The name, Norma Jeane Doughtery is first published in an article by Hedda Hopper. It read (based on Howard Hughes’s recovery after an aircraft accident), “Seduced by a cover-girl picture in a magazine, he had immediately given some instructions to sign her a contract for movies. Her name is Norma Jeane Dougherty, a model.”

August: Ben Lyon suggests Norma Jeane have a pseudonym. It was decided Marilyn Monroe would be her new name. This combined the actress Marilyn Miller’s first name and her mother’s maiden name. 

26th August: Marilyn signs a contract with Fox accompanied by Grace (as Marilyn wasn’t 21 years old yet).

5th September: Marilyn’s name is published for the first time under Variety magazine’s New Contracts section. 

13th September: Marilyn and James Dougherty officially divorce. Marilyn obtained Jim’s car a Ford coupe. She never spoke or met Jim again. 

Fall: Marilyn makes her first radio appearance. 


February: Fox lengthens her contract from 6 months. She is given her first part in a movie called Scudda Hoo, Scudda Hay! which is released in April 1947.

30th June: Marilyn starts shooting The Dangerous Years which lasts a week, it’s released on 7th December 1947.

26th July: Marilyn is informed her contract with Fox will not be renewed. 


9th March: Marilyn is hired by Columbia for 6 months. The studio houses her at the Bel Air Hotel. 

10th March: Marilyn meets Natasha Lytess, who would become her acting coach and confidante. 

18th March: Grace notifies Marilyn that Aunt Ana passed away from cardiac arrest.

14th April: Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! is released but Marilyn’s scenes are cut from the movie. 

22nd April: Filming begins for Ladies of the Chorus

August: Marilyn’s contract with Columbia expires and no renewal is offered.

9th September: Marilyn films her last scenes for Ladies of the Chorus. 

22nd October: Ladies of the Chorus is released. Motion Picture Herald printed: “One of the best scene is Miss Marilyn Monroe’s one. She’s pretty and with her pleasant voice and her style, she promised…”.

Winter: Marilyn has dental surgery. 

31st December: Marilyn Monroe is introduced to Johnny Hyde, one of the heads of the William Morris Agency.


March: William Morris Agency begins representing Marilyn. 

Spring: Johnny Hyde leaves his wife and children and has Marilyn move in with him in Beverly Hills. She pays to rent a room at the Beverly Carlton to avoid gossip and paid her own expenses.   

May: Johnny Hyde arranges for Marilyn to have a cartilage bump on her nose removed and a chin implant put in. Her hair is also dyed platinum blonde. 

28th May: Marilyn has her nude photoshoot with Tom Kelley (under the condition that his wife, Natalie, was present) under the name Mona Monroe. Kelley sold the copyright to the Baumgarth company for $500. Marilyn received $50 for the session which lasted two hours.

July: Marilyn attends several events and photoshoots in Milwaukee and New York including with Andre De Dienes.

10th October: Marilyn’s photos with Philippe Halsman for Life magazine is released. 



1st January: Asphalt Jungle is released.

7th April: Love Happy is released.

19th May: Ticket to Tomahawk is released.

Spring 1950: Marilyn stars in an advertisement for Royal Triton Gas. 

19th December: Johnny Hyde dies from a heart attack. Marilyn received nothing from his estate.


January: Marilyn moves into the Beverly Carlton Hotel and starts filming As Young As You Feel.

29th March: Marilyn appears at the Academy Awards ceremony where she presented the award Best Sound Recording to Thomas Moulton for All About Eve.

April: Marilyn gets a new contract with Fox and begins taking a course in Backgrounds of Literature with teacher Claire Soule at UCLA.

15th June: As Young As You Feel released.

4th August: Marilyn is made Miss Cheesecake of 1952.

10th October: Love Nest released. 

27th October: All About Eve released.

December 1951: Marilyn is “The Christmas Gift Every GI Would Want to Find in His Stocking.”


7th January: Marilyn records a song called Do It Again in order to convince Darryl Zanuck that she could sing and should play the part of Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

26th January: Marilyn receives the Henrietta Award for “The Best Young Box Office Personality.”

February: Marilyn meets Joe DiMaggio on a (kind of) blind date at Villa Nova (now The Rainbow Grill).

8th February: Marilyn attends the UCLA Junior Prom.

13th March: It is discovered that Marilyn was the nude model on a very popular calendar. She doesn’t deny this. 

19th March: Marilyn has another dinner with Joe DiMaggio.

7th April 1952: Marilyn appears on the cover of LIFE magazine, photographed by Philippe Halsman. 

18th April: Fox renewed Marilyn’s contract. 

28th April: Marilyn goes to the hospital with appendicitis. 

1st June: Marilyn discovers she has the role of Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

18th June: Clash by Night is released.

26th June: Marilyn is called to testify against Jerry Karpman and Morris Kaplan for selling nude photos by mail order.

11th July: We’re Not Married is released.

18th July: Don’t Bother To Knock is released.

3rd August: Ray Anthony throws a party, organised by Fox, in Marilyn’s honour at his home. 

2nd September: Monkey Business is released. Marilyn is Grand Marshal in the Miss America pageant. 


21st January: Niagara is released.

26th January: Marilyn is awarded the “State’s Most Popular Movie Actress” award from the Independent Theater Owners in Arkansas. 

9th February: Marilyn is awarded the Photoplay Magazine Award for “Fastest Rising Star of 1952.” Gladys is moved to a private sanatorium called Rockhaven. Marilyn paid $300 a month for expenses.

25th February: Marilyn is awarded the Redbook Magazine Silver Cup for “Best Young Box Office Personality.” 

16th April: Marilyn receives the “Halo For Saintly Sinner” award for her help in the milk supply for children. 

26th June: Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell are inaugurated at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. 

8th July: Marilyn receives “The Best Friend a Diamond Ever Had” award by the Jewellery Academy.

11-20th July: Marilyn and Joe go to Mexico on vacation.

15th July: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is released.

August: Marilyn travels to Canada to film River of No Return. She sprains her ankle during production however Marilyn insists on wearing a cast for publicity reasons. For the last two weeks of filming Joe flies to stay with Marilyn. 

September: Joe moves in with Marilyn at the Doheny Drive apartment. Marilyn has her first photo session with Milton Greene who she met in 1949. The photos are published in Look Magazine in November.

28th September: Grace Goddard dies. 

4th November: How to Marry a Millionaire is released. 

December: Marilyn features on the cover of the first-ever Playboy magazine. 


Marilyn begins working on her autobiography, My Story, with Ben Hecht. 

4th January: Fox suspends Marilyn for refusing to appear on the set of Pink Tights

14th January: Marilyn and Joe marry in the San Francisco town hall. Joe had wanted to get married in the church however due to being divorced this was not allowed. 

2nd February: Marilyn and Joe arrive at Haneda International Airport of Tokyo where they are bombarded with fans. 

3rd February: At Joe DiMaggio’s press conference, Marilyn is the centre of attention, much to Joe’s dismay.

16th February: Marilyn travels to Korea, where US troops are stationed, for a stage performance. She performed several musical numbers including Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend and Bye Bye Baby. Marilyn later stated, “There were 17,000 soldiers in front of me, and they were all yelling at me at the top of their lungs. I stood smiling at them… Standing in the snowfall facing these yelling soldiers, I felt for the first time in my life no fear of anything. I felt only happy.” 

The freezing weather conditions and the fact Marilyn wore only a beautiful purple dress, meant she not only came back home with a bronchial condition but also pneumonia. 

8th March: Marilyn receives the award for “Best Actress” for her roles in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and How to Marry a Millionaire, awarded by Photoplay magazine.

9th March: Marilyn takes part in a radio show for CBS.

13th April: Marilyn’s suspension with Fox ends. Two days later she returns back to the studio and holds a press conference in her dressing room as well rehearsals with Hal Schaefer. 

30th April: River of No Return is released.

August: Marilyn signs a seven-year contract with Fox.

8th September: Marilyn leaves for New York to film The Seven Year Itch

10th September: Marilyn poses with Milton Greene for The Ballerina, The Gold Dress and The Wicker sitting. 

11th September: Joe arrives in New York. 

15th September: Marilyn films The Seven Year Itch subway scene which lasted 5 hours. Joe leaves the set due to his anger at the scene and spectators cheers. Rumours according to Natasha (who was in the adjacent room) and Marilyn’s hairstylist on the shoot, Gladys Whitten said that Marilyn and Joe had a vicious fight that resulted in violence. However, there is little evidence of this actually ever taking place.

16th September: Marilyn and Joe fly back to Los Angeles.

5th October: Marilyn announces her divorce from Joe DiMaggio. Their marriage had only lasted 9 months. 

5th November: Joe DiMaggio and Frank Sinatra smash their way through the apartment at 8122 Waring Avenue in Hollywood, suspecting Marilyn to be in a sexual relationship with Hal Schaefer, her vocal coach. This became known as The Wrong Door Raid. Unfortunately (or fortunately) they had the wrong apartment and woke up Hal’s neighbour, Florence Kotz, with camera flashes. Kotz filed a $2,000 claim against Sinatra and DiMaggio, however, receive $7,500 in an out of court settlement. 

7th-12th November: Marilyn stays at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital for gynaecological surgery for her endometritis. Joe visited her in hospital. 

19th November: Marilyn watches Ella Fitzgerald perform at The Tiffany Club. 

16th December: There’s No Business Like Show Business is released.


7th January: Marilyn and Milton Greene hold a press conference to announce the formation of Marilyn Monroe Productions.

15th January: Marilyn flies to New York and moves into the Gladstone Hotel. 

4th February: Marilyn is introduced to Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio.  He agreed to give her private acting lessons and encouraged her to seek out a psychoanalyst. Milton Greene suggested Dr Margaret Hohenberg.  She attended psychoanalysis 5 sessions a week. These sessions were to help her accept her traumas in order to become a better actress.

9th March: Marilyn meets Arthur Miller for the first time since 1951, at a fundraising event for the Actor’s Studio which took place after the premiere of East of Eden. Arthur was still married at this stage however their affair began not long after this meeting. 

25th – 30th March: Marilyn is photographed by Ed Feingersh in and around New York.

30th March: Marilyn attends a part organised by the Ringling Brothers Circus at Madison Square Garden. She enters riding a pink elephant in front of 18,000 people. 

8th April: Marilyn takes part in a live TV interview for Person to Person

1st June: Joe and Marilyn attend the premiere of The Seven Year Itch

Summer: Marilyn visits her friends the Rostens in Long Island and spent Labor Day weekend with them. Eve Arnold photographed her during Marilyn’s stay there. Marilyn spends more time with Arthur who had begun the separation process from his wife.

7th September: Marilyn moves into No 2 Sutton Place. 

28th October: Joe and Marilyn’s divorce is finalised. 

12th December: Marilyn attends The Rose Tattoo premiere with Marlon Brando. She and Arthur are photographed (just chatting) for the first time.

31st December: Marilyn signs a new contract with Fox. 


9th February: Marilyn and Laurence Olivier hold a press conference at Plaza Hotel announcing their plans for The Sleeping Prince, later renamed The Prince and the Showgirl

18th February: Marilyn writes her first will. 

25th February: Marilyn flies back to Hollywood to begin shooting Bus Stop

28th February: Marilyn is charged with three traffic violations including driving without a licence. She has to pay a $55 fine. 

3rd March: Marilyn holds a press conference for Bus Stop

5th March: Marilyn cuts of contact with Natasha Lytess after discovering from a friend of Arthur’s that she was writing a book about Marilyn. 

12th March: Marilyn legally changes her name from Norma Jeane Mortenson to officially become Marilyn Monroe. 

15th March: Marilyn flies to Arizona to begin filming for Bus Stop

5th – 9th April: Marilyn is admitted to the hospital with exhaustion. 

8th June: Arthur is ordered to appear in front of the House of Un-American Activities Committee in Washington DC.

11th June: Arthur and his wife become officially divorced. 

19th June: Marilyn asks to have her will changed to leave all her property to Arthur. 

21st June: Marilyn and Arthur hold to press conference to announce their engagement.

29th June: Arthur and Marilyn announce plans for their wedding. Sadly, a reporter Mara Scherbatoff, died in a car crash whilst chasing Marilyn and Arthur. 

1st July: Marilyn converted to Judaism in order to have a Jewish wedding ceremony with Arthur.

14th July: Marilyn and Arthur arrive in England for the filming of The Prince and the Showgirl where they meet with Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh. 

15th July: A press conference is held at the Savoy Hotel in London. 

August: Arthur returns to New York to see his children. 

31st August: Bus Stop is released. 

5th September: Arthur returns to England to be with Marilyn. 

29th October: Marilyn meets Queen Elizabeth II.

20th November: Marilyn and Arthur fly back to New York.


1st January: Marilyn receives the Award of Achievement from the Motion Picture Herald for “Top Ten Money Making Star” in 1956.

3rd January: Marilyn and Arthur fly to Jamaica for their honeymoon. 

17th January: Marilyn and Arthur go back to New York. 

January: Marilyn and Milton Greene have their last photoshoot together. 

1st March: Marilyn changes her psychoanalyst, Marianne Kris.

11th April: Marilyn and Arthur attend a gala at the New York Waldorf Astoria. 

6th May: Marilyn and Richard Avedon take promotional photos for The Prince and the Showgirl

12th May: Marilyn kicks off a football game between the USA and Israel.

14th May: Marilyn goes to Washington DC with Arthur who stands trial at the House of Un-American Activities Committee in Washington DC.

June: Marilyn discovers she is pregnant. 

1st August: Marilyn is rushed to the hospital due to an ectopic pregnancy. The pregnancy is devastatingly terminated. 

Fall: Lena Pepitone is hired as Marilyn’s maid and remains so until her death. 


18th June: Marilyn has a photoshoot with Carl Perutz. One of the images were framed in Marilyn’s apartment.

7th July: Marilyn flies to LA from NY to work on Some Like It Hot.

4th August: Shooting for Some Like It Hot begins. 

7th August: Marilyn learns that Arthur has won the trial in appeal. 

September: Marilyn learns she is pregnant. 

7th November: Marilyn goes to Cedars of Lebanon hotel with the fear of a miscarriage however it was a false alarm. However, her doctor warns her to be careful. 

December: Marilyn has a miscarriage. 


26th February: Marilyn receives the Crystal Star for “Best Foreign Actress” for her role in The Prince and the Showgirl by the French Film Institute. 

17th March: Marilyn arrives in Chicago for the roadshow of Some Like It Hot.

29th March: Some Like It Hot is released.

13th May: Marilyn receives the David Di Donatello award for Best Foreign Actress in 1958 for The Prince and the Showgirl

22nd June: Marilyn goes to Lenox Hill Hospital in New York to have surgery on 23rd for endometritis. After this surgery, she is informed she is unable to have children. 

2nd November: Marilyn and Arthur fly from NYC to LA to film Let’s Make Love



16th January: Marilyn and Yves Montand hold a press conference to announce Let’s Make Love. Shooting would begin on the 18th January. 

January: Marilyn starts therapy with Dr Ralph Greenson. 

18th January: Filming begins without Marilyn present.

25th January: Marilyn films My Heart Belongs to Daddy.

27th January: Marilyn has her first scene with Yves Montand.

8th March: Marilyn is awarded a Golden Globe for “Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy” for Some Like It Hot. 

April: Due to a writer’s strike Let’s Make Love is postponed. Marilyn and Yves Montand (who was also married) started an affair. 

20th June: Marilyn shoots her last scene of Let’s Make Love.  

20th July: Marilyn arrives in Reno to begin shooting The Misfits

21st July: The first day of shooting The Misfits begins. 

13th August: Frank Sinatra invites Marilyn and the cast of The Misfits to attend his show at Cal Neva Lodge’s Indian Room. 

16th August: John Huston gambles a large sum of the production’s money ($16,000) stalling the production. Marilyn is however blamed for the delay. 

20th August: Marilyn flies to LA and to attend the premiere of Let’s Make Love the next day however it is cancelled due to a fire. 

22nd August: Marilyn goes back to work on set. 

8th September: Let’s Make Love is released.

18th October: Outdoor filming of The Misfits ends.

24th October – 4th November: Final scenes are shot at Paramount Studios.

5th November: Marilyn learns that her co-star Clark Gable has had a heart attack. 

11th November: Marilyn goes back to NY and announces her divorce from Arthur Miller.

16th November: Clark Gable dies.

Christmas: Joe DiMaggio spends Christmas with Marilyn.


14th January: Marilyn edits her will with the main beneficiaries as Gladys, Berniece, May Reis (her private secretary), Lee Strasberg and Dr Marianne Kris. 

24th January: Marilyn and Arthur’s divorce is made official. 

31st January: Marilyn attends a preview of The Misfits with her co-star Montgomery Clift. She left as soon as the film started. 

1st February: Due to the death of Clark Gable, her divorce and the trouble with her last two movies, Marilyn discusses suicide with Marianne Kris. Kris suggests she goes to a hospital. 

5th February:  Marianne Kris drives Marilyn to the Cornell University New York Hospital. However, she was signed in (as Faye Miller to avoid publicity) to Payne Whitney clinic. What Marilyn doesn’t realise is that it was a psychiatric facility where she was treated as a “disturbed patient.” She was put into a padded cell and unable to contact anyone. 

8th February: Marilyn was eventually allowed to write a letter which was passed onto Lee and Paula Strasberg. However, as they were just friends, they didn’t have the authority for her release.

9th February: Marilyn was able to reach Joe in Florida, whom she hadn’t seen in 6 years. He arrived that evening and told Marianne Kris over the phone to permit her release otherwise he would “take the hospital apart brick by brick.”

10th February: Marilyn’s masseur Ralph Roberts took Marilyn back home with Marianne Kris where she was dismissed immediately.  Joe promised to stay with Marilyn if she went to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital to rest. She remained there for three weeks. 

1-2nd March: Marilyn writes a letter discussing her stay at Payne Whitney. 

6th March: Marilyn leaves the hospital and returns to her home. 

13th March: Marilyn attends a party in aid of the Actors Studio with the Strasberg’s.

22nd March: Marilyn joins Joe in Florida where they stayed in separate rooms at the Tides Motor Inn. She visited her sister and still kept in contact with the recently widowed Isidore Miller (Arthur’s father).

1st April: Marilyn and Joe return to New York from Florida. 

End of April: Marilyn decides to move back to Los Angeles where she stays at the Beverly Hills Hotel. 

May: Pat Newcomb (Marilyn’s publicist) gave Marilyn a white poodle named Maff. Marilyn would spend time with Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford and pals during a lot of the spring. 

7th June: Marilyn goes to Vegas to see Frank perform in honour of Dean Martin’s 44th birthday. 

11th June: Marilyn attends the Christening of Clark Gable’s son by invitation of Kay Gable. 

29th June: Marilyn has gall bladder surgery.

11th July: Marilyn leaves the hospital and is bombarded by a crowd of 200 fans, photographers and reporters. 

1st August: Marilyn hires a car and goes to Long Island

7th August: Marilyn returns to LA. No one knows about her return other than Joe who picks her up from the airport.

22nd September: Marilyn leaves LA to return to NYC. However, due to technical issues with the plane, it had to turn back. She flew later that day. 

1st October: She flies back to LA from New York. 

4th October: Marilyn meets Robert Kennedy at a dinner party at Peter Lawford’s house. Other guests included Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Dean Martin, Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh and more. Her chauffeur picked her up from her apartment at Doheny Drive at 8 pm and dropped her home at 3 am.

15th November: Marilyn is suspended due to not attending meetings. 

23rd December: Joe arrives in LA to spend Christmas with Marilyn. 


January: Eunice Murray finds a house for Marilyn as recommended by Dr Ralph Greenson. 

2nd February: Marilyn flies to New York. She attends a dinner at Fifi Fell’s home which was held in honour of JFK.  Milton Ebbins (Sinatra’s friend) accompanied her and drove her back home after dinner. 

8th February: Marilyn starts to move into her new home in Brentwood. 

17th February: Marilyn goes to Miami, where she is greeted by Isidore Miller. 

18th February: Marilyn and Isidore have dinner at Club Gigi and attend a cabaret show together. 

19th February: Marilyn stays with Joe at Fort Lauderdale whilst he did baseball training with the New York Yankees. 

20th February: Joe accompanies Marilyn to the airport where she leaves for Mexico. 

22nd February: Marilyn holds a press conference at the Grand Ball Room of the Mexico Continental Hilton Hotel. That night she met Mexican screenwriter Jose Bolanos who would be her escort during her trip in Mexico. During her stay in Mexico, she would buy furniture for her new home. 

1st March: Marilyn visits an orphanage and donates $10,000. 

3rd March: Marilyn returns to LA from Mexico. 

5th March: Marilyn attends the 19th Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. She received the “World Film Favourite” award.

8-9th March: Marilyn moves into her home in Brentwood (Fifth Helena Drive). 

15th March: Marilyn contracts a virus. 

24th March: Peter Lawford takes Marilyn to Bing Crosby’s home in Palm Springs where John F Kennedy is also staying. It is only on this occasion where Marilyn supposedly slept with the President. 

23rd April: Filming for Something’s Got To Give starts. 

17th May: Marilyn “breached her contract” and flew to New York to perform at John F. Kennedy’s birthday gala at Madison Square Garden. 

19th May: Marilyn attends the birthday gala with Pat Newcomb, her press agent. JFK’s wife Jackie Kennedy was in Virginia for a horse show. Robert Kennedy and his wife Ethel were also at the gala. Many stars including Ella Fitzgerald performed. Marilyn asked Isidore Miller to the party afterwards. She dropped him home and went back to her own apartment where Ralph Roberts was waiting. 

20th May: Marilyn goes back to Los Angeles. 

23rd May: Marilyn shot her pool scenes from 9 am – 4 pm. 

24th May: Dean Martin is off sick and so other scenes were shot. 

25th May: Marilyn has a slight temperature and ear infection but continues to work. 

26 – 28th May: With a 38.8c temperature and ear infection Marilyn doesn’t go to set. 

29th May: Marilyn returns to the set to work on the film and does so for 6 hours with Dean Martin. 

1st June: Marilyn celebrates her 36th birthday on the set of Something’s Got To Give. Later that evening she attends a charity event for Muscular Dystrophy. 

2nd – 4th June: Marilyn has sinusitis so is unable to go to set. 

6th June: Studio announces that production for the movie has to be stopped and Marilyn is fired. Dean Martin, her co-star, states that he won’t work on the movie without her. 

23rd – 25th June: Marilyn poses for Vogue with Bert Stern at Bel Air Hotel.

26th June: Marilyn attends a party at the Lawford’s home honouring Robert Kennedy.

28th June: Marilyn has a meeting with Fox studio heads.

29th and 30th June: Marilyn has her photos taken at the home of Walter “Tim” Leimert with George Barris.

4th July and 9th: Marilyn is interviewed by Richard Meryman known as The Last Interview.

6th July: Allan Grant photographs Marilyn for the Meryman interview.

12th July 1962: Marilyn has a meeting with Fox to discuss reinstating her onto Something’s Got To Give for $500,000 and one more movie for another $500,000. She then has a photoshoot with George Barris (according to Pat Newcomb’s memos).

14th July: Marilyn receives a copy of the article by Richard Meryman and agrees to its publication. It’s published on 3rd August. 

20th July: Marilyn has surgery again for endometritis. 

21st July: Joe drives Marilyn home from the hospital. 

28th – 29th July: Peter Lawford invites Marilyn to Cal-Neva Lodge, owned by Frank Sinatra. 

29th July: Marilyn goes back to LA. 

30th July: Marilyn calls Milton Rudin wishing to have her will changed again. 

1st August: Fox officially signs Marilyn with her new contract.

4th August: Marilyn passes away. 

5th August: Marilyn’s body is discovered. 

8th August: Marilyn’s funeral is held at Westwood Memorial Park Cemetery. Whitey did her make-up as a promise he made to Marilyn years ago.