Jasmine Chiswell – Clout Chaser? Or Just Naive?

Jasmine Chiswell, the “Marilyn Monroe of Tik Tok”, rose to social media fame after creating vintage fashion videos and showing off her Hollywood home. The home in question belonged to none other than Marilyn Monroe. She and her husband Maverick moved into the property, which has been the focus of her videos and had been dubbed the honeymoon property of Marilyn and her baseball legend husband, Joe DiMaggio.

However, much of the content in the videos’ regarding Marilyn has been falsified for publicity or “clout” as the kids say… 

 I have a little temper, and I really lose it when people write untruths about me – Marilyn Monroe, Motion Picture Magazine, 1954

Dear fans of JC

The reason for this post isn’t to bully but to educate. I do not condone death threats or comments on her appearance AT ALL. What I want to do is display that it is important, especially for younger fans of certain social media personalities, to understand that it is the job of these individuals to create content that you will believe in and buy into. Content that you will engage with for them to gain notoriety and be financially benefitted. 

I have gone over some of these points in a previous post, but I did this without mentioning names. However, it seems that I am still being bombarded by questions regarding Jasmine and her declarations and even though they can be easily debunked, her fans are more than happy to attack and threaten those who disagree or question this kind of exploitation. And I don’t believe for a moment Jasmine believes any of what she says – she just knows people won’t fact-check or argue with her. 

It saddens me that there is little respect being given to Marilyn, whom Jasmine is supposedly a fan of when she is using Marilyn’s tragic death as a form of gaining fame. And this is something I am unable to keep quiet about. And yet if anyone made up stories about Jasmine, well we know the reaction.

Whatever you believe regarding the afterlife is a personal choice. However, to use that for content there are certain standards that should be met which fellow content creator and Marilyn fan Tina, will discuss in this post.

It’s one thing coming up with ghost stories, but when the facts are on the table and people are being intimidated purely for putting out the truth, that’s when responsibility needs to be taken. Jasmine has not once told her followers to stop sending cruel messages (in fact she’s liked a few) to those who may question her, nor has she ever come up with any reliable proof or corrected herself for the claims which I will be listed below. It is not as if no one has mentioned it to her in the past, she simply deletes and blocks.  

The sad thing is I believe Jasmine has the resources to create some wonderful videos without the need for lies and clickbait. She’s beautiful, she lives in a fantastic part of the world, and she has the skills to produce something niche and fun. 

But facts catch up and it is my advice, to those who utterly refuse to see reason and are tempted to send threatening messages, to stick to your bubble and brush everything I say off as bitter jealousy. But you cannot argue with facts. And I sleep very well at night with that knowledge.

Anyway, I hope someone learns something today, even if it’s just that the internet is fake. 


Partly yes… 

Marilyn Monroe rented this property from September 15, 1952, to January 23, 1953 – less than 5 months. 

She didn’t marry Joe until 1954 – so this is not their “honeymoon home”.  Joe and Marilyn were dating, but Joe was not an official resident at the property. When Marilyn and Joe were married in 1954, they lived at 508 North Palm Drive which they rented before getting divorced the same year. 

Whilst Jasmine and Maverick do live in the property, it was in fact purchased by an investment firm owned by Maverick’s father (Michael McNeilly)– Black Cat Investments.  


Highly unlikely. 

Although Jasmine and Maverick already had a place in Brentwood, Marilyn’s hacienda at 12305 Helena Drive was on the market in 2017, the same year Jasmine had moved to America. So, it doesn’t seem likely Jasmine was ready to drop over $ 7.2 million on it.

Jasmine stated in The Sun in 2021 that the last home of Marilyn Monroe had been demolished, which is not true. The building is still there and is occupied. A neighbouring property was demolished in 2018, but this was after Marilyn’s home had already sold back in May 2017. This is why the creators of Blonde (2022) were able to film Marilyn’s death scene in her actual bedroom where she passed away.



During a video between Jasmine and a medium, it’s stated that Joe’s ghost (we’ll discuss the ghosts later) has a lot of “pent-up energy” in “the honeymoon home.”

Do I need to mention they can’t get their timeline correct on the Monroe/DiMaggio marriage and when Marilyn lived in the house? I will anyway… Jasmine and Maverick say Marilyn lived there in 1953… Then they get slightly confused because they bring up that the marriage was in 1954 – thus debunking their “honeymoon home” crap. They quickly move past that and comment on how Joe was still married.

Jasmine states that Joe was still married to Dorothy Arnold when he and Marilyn were together and living in this house. Well, we know Joe didn’t live there – although he may have stayed there, they weren’t married, and neither was Joe. 

Joe and Dorothy had been divorced since 1944, 8 years before he had even met Marilyn.



In February 2020, Jasmine did a YouTube video titled, “Is This The Belt Marilyn Monroe Wore!?” discussing how she had seen Marilyn at her divorce announcement in 1954 and realised she had a very similar belt to one Monroe owned. 

As someone who likes vintage fashion, it’s often one can find the same items as celebrities, so this was a cool find for JC.

She goes on to discuss how it was sold by Marilyn’s favourite store, Jax of Beverly Hills (due to the logo inside the belt leather) and how it was just like the one Marilyn wore when announcing her divorce from Joe DiMaggio.

She stated, verbatim “it may not be the exact one” and how she had got it at a “vintage store and I think I paid about $20”.  She also says she wore it in a previous video “How to Style a Black Pencil Skirt.”

In 2022 she released another video featuring the belt. This time claiming the belt was in fact Marilyn’s and she was going to “try it on.” But as we know, she’s already worn the belt more than once as stated in her YouTube video and previous Instagram posts. 

The crystals and the buckle on Marilyn’s belt are different to the one on Jasmine’s as is the buckle as seen in these images. Marilyn’s belt has darker crystals (which are the same in all images) and her buckle is far squarer. Jasmine’s belt has a buckle with rounded corners and all the embellishments are the same colour. 

The belt is believed to have been worn with a belt broach, but no one is certain. It was not sold at Christie’s in 1999 or in any auctions since. It may have been borrowed by Marilyn, thrown out, lost or is still in the possession of Anna Strasberg.  

A similar Jax belt that Marilyn wore in 1956 (again a different buckle to the 1954 belt), was sold minus the brooch at Julien’s. Again, this is not the same belt as Jasmine’s. It’s safe to say Jasmine bought a Jax belt from a vintage store, as per her original story and because it looks the same as Marilyn’s, she has labelled it as an official Marilyn item. But it is not. 

The wording in her videos is very misleading…


No. But she admits this, which is good considering the misleading title and not clarifying this with the belt. I have read many comments where people believe Jasmine owns items that once belonged to Marilyn.

Despite the title of her videos, Jasmine does state she didn’t wear Marilyn Monroe’s shoes (although she DOES say they are a replica, they aren’t) or her Ceil Chapman dress (which I could not find a photo of Marilyn wearing)

Well done, Jasmine, some honesty. It’s refreshing. This should be remembered should Jasmine make a video in the future stating that they were Marilyn’s.


One does not need to be a handwriting expert to see that the signature written in Sharpie (invented in 1964) was not written by Marilyn Monroe.

Did Jasmine write it? Or was it written by someone who lived in the house before her? Most likely the former because #content

Either way, Jasmine has stated IT IS Marilyn’s and yet has never got an expert to prove its authenticity. She stated to The Sun in 2021 that they have “not had it authenticated yet though.”

 Not pointing fingers here but the previous occupants never went on TV to show this off. Neither did the ones prior… I wonder what they think of all this.

But I will let you make the decision on that.


Absolutely not. 

Marilyn Monroe lived in JC’s house in 1952 and left in early 1953. 

Maf, Marilyn’s last pet, wasn’t born until January 1961 (correction – I previously said February 1961 due to the below document stating he was 5 months in July, but his AKC paperwork confirms he was 6 months at the time of the license being made)

#clout #factcheck 


“One of them was from 1953 which is one of the years she lived in the house and parts had been circled,” said Jasmine to The Sun. However, The Modern Packaging magazine Jasmine found was dated 5 months after Marilyn left the home and therefore couldn’t have been Marilyn’s. 


There are several items Jasmine has attributed to possibly being Marilyn’s or Joe’s but with no proof. It’s just so she can use her name for more engagement, something which Jasmine has been complaining about.

Let’s also consider the previous owners who lived in Castillian Drive resided in that property for 20 years and never found a single sign that Marilyn lived there. Not even a ghost.

Speaking of ghosts, I will hand you over to the lovely Tina, who has called Jasmine out multiple times on TikTok and has faced the backlash to prove it. 


No. There are no photos of Marilyn at Castillian Drive. 

In her video “Tour of my Garden at Marilyn Monroe’s House” Jasmin states Marilyn was photographed in her garden.

However, the photographer Baron had taken pictures of Marilyn at the home of Henry Crocker on North Rodeo Drive in 1954, a year after Marilyn left the Castillan Drive property.


Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul. I know, because I turned down the first offer often enough and held out for the fifty cents. – Marilyn Monroe, My Story, c. 1954

We hear footsteps every night in the living room and we hear voices, too. A lot of friends and family staying overnight say they’ve been hugged in one of the bedrooms.– Jasmine Chiswell, The Sun, 2021

It might seem that something spiritual can’t be fact-checked, mediums and psychics and spiritualists do however have some standards. We must check the accuracy of what is said, if that’s with a loved one, that can be done by checking it against what we know intimately of them, that others wouldn’t. If it’s a historical figure it can be done with what information and facts we have and we rely also on historians and researchers to illuminate the truth.

Jasmine Chiswell has a background in horror films, she is telling a story with the help of mediums in that genre. The above post shows that the props used to make the story feel more real are just that, props. They aren’t connected to Marilyn at all or they’re not connected in the way they are presented.

The ghost story has been incredibly popular and like Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates, it relies very heavily on the public’s fondness for Marilyn and frustration and sadness at her untimely end.

Marilyn was full of talent, love, and potential. She was also a loved Auntie and stepmother. While she didn’t have biological children and had said several times that she wished she had she did fulfil the role of mother and of nurturer in her life.

When I believed that I wouldn’t be able to have my own children she and Frieda Kahlo were huge sources of inspiration to me because they loved children, and they loved nurturing. While Marilyn’s end is tragic, I see her as an inspiring person who persevered, and it gave me courage and a sense of value.

The ghost story that Jasmine is telling now includes Marilyn haunting her infant with the fans of the story suggesting Marilyn is attached to Jasmine in part to be around the child since she couldn’t have one. The lack of sensitivity and thoughtfulness in this line of the story is what disturbs me the most. While most people claim the spirit is positive, Jasmine describes being afraid and leaving the home. It evokes feelings of women who couldn’t have biological children being unfinished, not whole, and dangerous. The spirits that are dangerous to babies are part of many folk tales and horror stories.

Marilyn is an icon and has become more than a person can be. But she was a person. The children she sent Christmas presents to are adults now, one wrote a book about her. This story is meant as entertainment, such as it is. Carefully consider your participation in it and its implications.