I regret to inform my readers that Our Marilyn Monroe Instagram account has been permanently deleted I’ve deactivated our Patreon and have donated the accumulated funds to a charitable cause.

Despite this setback, I’ve decided to keep this website operational. I’ll continue to share content here, driven by inspiration and a passion for Marilyn’s legacy.

It’s truly disheartening to realise that the extensive research and effort I’ve invested, along with the community we’ve built together, have been erased. Losing the followers and work I’ve earnestly garnered over time is a significant blow. Nevertheless, I remain devoted to celebrating Marilyn Monroe’s enduring impact and will keep striving to share her story in new ways.


I have emailed Instagram support, contacted them via Instagram and completed the necessary forms however, the forms would not be sent through as Instagram stated the decision has been made and no further reviews can be taken.

I logged into the account with this notice.

This implies I have been impersonating Marilyn Monroe via my page which was specifically categorised under Instagram as a Fan Page. Marilyn has also been dead for over 60 years.  

I have attempted all avenues of contact but to no avail, as of yet. I have also researched the “pay me and I will get it back for you method” however I find this practice incredibly unethical. One website quoted $1000 minimum.