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Focusing On Marilyn’s Life

It’s been a while since I’ve written here.

The reason being is that I found myself distancing away from my page, the Marilyn community and even Marilyn herself. Not only has my Instagram page had a HUGE influx in followers, which in itself is overwhelming, but with various books, films and documentaries being released I have found it tiresome to try and dispel the trash that is coming out of them.

Once something juicy is published or released by a large network, the content is deemed as fact, despite a lack of concrete evidence. To some, how can something be released if it isn’t based on the truth? Well, it happens all the time. Instead of letters, documents, and reliable testimonies, we get flashy trailers and intriguing titles. High production budget does not equate to factual content.

But I decided that this is MY website. MY Instagram page. And I will run it how I please instead of constantly battling with other resources. This is why I have decided that I am no longer going to actively target any posts to do with conspiracies surrounding Marilyn’s death.


Because it would be a full-time job.

After writing approximately 10,000 words on Marilyn’s death I decided to delete the article. All those words… Every. Single. One. Deleted.

It occurred to me that, although I am into true crime and the macabre, I’m not particularly interested in Marilyn’s death. I have read what I want to know, I know what is true and false, I can work out who we can trust and who we can’t and that’s that. I realised a lot of my research has been to help other people with answering questions they may have or so I can inform people they’re wrong. But I’ve decided I no longer want to correct these people. I don’t want to be a resource of Marilyn’s death.

I am interested in the life and career of this amazing woman and although many people are drawn to her due to the “mystery” of her passing, it’s not a topic I want to focus on. It’s also pretty exhausting explaining why certain conspiracies are false and why her death was simply an overdose that she didn’t mean to take. Or maybe she did, who knows. Either way, the science and evidence tell the story.

I have learnt that sometimes people don’t want facts. Therefore, from now on I will let people make their own judgements and do their own research. I am happy to answer questions but I will not be actively writing posts or content discussing her passing. I will happily still write about the myths and fiction in her life.

Marilyn had an incredible life and she achieved so much in her short time on this earth. We owe it to her as fans to not diminish those accomplishments as well as difficulties by being so obsessed with her death. We definitely shouldn’t be buying into rumours, speculation and lies created by desperate people who know there are those who won’t be bothered to look into these things.

Posts on this website will now be focused on Marilyn’s life and career, as well as her troubles, relationships (real and fake) and achievements. I don’t want to paint Marilyn as some angel but as a human being. Of course, her death will be mentioned from time to time, but it isn’t my job to convince people that they’re looking in the wrong places at the wrong information.

I wanted to make a point of this because I hope it will encourage others to do the same – to look at her life with more intrigue than her passing.

I will be posting about recommended books and websites as well as why I find them useful including any cons they may have (nobody’s perfect) so you can research too! Also, over the coming months, I will be working on updating older posts giving some more detail and information to help give credibility.

Our Marilyn Monroe



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