January: Marilyn starts therapy with Dr. Ralph Greenson.
16 January: Marilyn and Yves Montand hold a press conference to announce Let’s Make Love. Marilyn, Arthur Miller, Yves Montand, and his wife Simone Signoret go out for dinner.
18 January: Marilyn is supposed to begin filming Let’s Make Love but does not go on set. George Cukor shoots scenes that do not require her presence.
25 January: Marilyn films My Heart Belongs to Daddy.
10 February: Arthur Miller flies to Ireland to join John Huston in working on his long-term project, The Misfits. Marilyn does not arrive on set.
11 February: Marilyn is sent home as she is clearly unwell.
18 February: Marilyn is absent from the set.
22 February: Marilyn returns to the set.
27 February: Arthur Miller returns from Ireland.
7 March: A writer’s strike postpones Let’s Make Love.
8 March: Marilyn is awarded a Golden Globe for “Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy” for Some Like It Hot at the Coconut Grove. The Millers return to New York.
8 April: Let’s Make Love resumes as the strike ends.
11 April: Marilyn and Arthur Miller fly back to Los Angeles. Arthur returns to New York a few days later. This is when the affair between Marilyn and Yves began.
16 April: Marilyn and Yves Montand attend Josephine Baker’s Follies at the Hollywood Hartford Theater.
May: Arthur returns to LA and discovers Marilyn has had an affair.
1 June: Marilyn turns thirty-four. A party is held on set, but Arthur Miller doesn’t attend.
20 June: Marilyn completes her scenes for Let’s Make Love.
21 June: Marilyn and Yves Montand attend the premiere of The Apartment at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.
22 June: Marilyn refuses to attend the post-synchronization. Arthur writes from New York to her agent, George Chasin, asking him to contact Fox about Marilyn doing post-syncs in New York.
24 June: Marilyn and Yves Montand view Let’s Make Love.
26 June: Marilyn flies from LA to New York.
8 July: Marilyn does costume tests for The Misfits.
20 July: Marilyn arrives in Reno to begin shooting The Misfits.
21 July: Marilyn begins filming The Misfits.
5 August: A joint birthday party for John Huston and Clark Gable’s wife is held at the Mape’s Hotel.
13 August: Frank Sinatra invites Marilyn and the cast of The Misfits to attend his show at Cal Neva Lodge’s Indian Room in Lake Tahoe.
16 August: John Huston gambles production funds at the casino, losing $16,000.
20 August: Marilyn flies to LA to see Greenson and Engleberg.
21 August: Let’s Make Love premiere is canceled due to a fire taking out the power lines.
22 August: Marilyn returns to filming The Misfits.
25 August: John Huston is informed that there is no more production money. Huston tells only the Millers and tells Marilyn to take a break. He later uses Marilyn as an excuse for production delays.
26 August: Marilyn supposedly has an overdose and is found by Paula Strasburg. It isn’t confirmed if it was intentional or accidental.
29 August: Marilyn, suffering from exhaustion, is admitted to Westside Hospital in Los Angeles. Ralph Roberts, Lee, and Paula Strasberg visit her in the hospital. Arthur stays with her until 4 September.
1 September: Hedda Hopper’s interview with Yves Montand is published, discussing the affair.
5 September: Marilyn returns to Reno.
6 September: Filming of The Misfits resumes as Huston secures an advance on his next movie.
8 September: Let’s Make Love is released.
13-17 October: Marilyn, May Reis, Agnes Flanagan, Paula Strasberg, and Ralph Roberts (with Monty Clift surprising them) travel to San Francisco. They stay at The Huntington, and Monty stays at the Fairmont Hotel. During the trip, Marilyn and Monty Clift dine at the North Beach restaurant and see Ella Fitzgerald perform at the Fairmont Hotel on Thursday 13th, visiting her in her suite after the performance. Marilyn explores antique shops and goes to The DiMaggio restaurant. Joe DiMaggio was in New York. A birthday meal is celebrated at the Blue Fox for Montgomery Clift, followed by a drag act at Finochio’s. Marilyn and Ralph Roberts see jazz singer June Ericson, followed by comedian Lenny Bruce.
18 October: Outdoor shooting is completed. The cast and crew travel back to Los Angeles to film the studio scenes.
24 October – 4 November: Studio scenes are filmed.
31 October: At 5:30 am, Ralph Roberts hears Marilyn scream at Arthur Miller to “Get out of here and don’t you dare ever return.” Marilyn tells him she has kicked Arthur out.
November: Marilyn has publicity photos with Eve Arnold at Paramount Studios.
5 November: Marilyn learns that her co-star Clark Gable has had a heart attack.
11 November: Marilyn goes back to NY and announces her divorce from Arthur Miller.
16 November: Clark Gable dies.
24 November: Ralph Roberts takes Marilyn to Lee Strasberg’s for Thanksgiving.
18 December: A friend of Joe DiMaggio’s calls Marilyn to see if it is okay for Joe to contact her. She agrees. He arrives later that day, greeted by Marilyn’s embrace and attempts to kiss him. She tells Ralph she couldn’t express how “starved of affection” she was.
Christmas: Joe DiMaggio spends Christmas day with Marilyn.

7 January: Marilyn and Joe dine at The Pavilion restaurant.
14 January: Marilyn edits her will with the main beneficiaries as Gladys, Berniece, May Reis (her private secretary), Lee Strasberg, and Dr. Marianne Kris.
20 January: Marilyn leaves New York for Mexico to proceed with the divorce from Arthur Miller despite a recent snowstorm in New York.
24 January: Marilyn and Arthur’s divorce is made official.
31 January: Marilyn and Montgomery Clift attend the premiere of The Misfits together. Arthur attends, avoiding Marilyn, with his children.
1 February: Due to the death of Clark Gable, her divorce, and the trouble with her last two movies, Marilyn discusses suicide with Marianne Kris. Kris suggests she goes to a hospital.
5 February: Marianne Kris drives Marilyn to the Cornell University New York Hospital. However, she was signed in (as Faye Miller to avoid publicity) to Payne Whitney clinic, which was a psychiatric facility where she was treated as a “disturbed patient.” She was put into a padded cell and unable to contact anyone.
8 February: Marilyn was eventually allowed to write a letter which was passed on to Lee and Paula Strasberg. However, as they were just friends, they didn’t have the authority over her release.
9 February: Marilyn was able to reach Joe in Florida, whom she hadn’t seen in 6 years. He arrived that evening and told Marianne Kris over the phone to permit her release, otherwise, he would “take the hospital apart brick by brick.”
10 February: Marilyn’s masseur Ralph Roberts takes Marilyn back home with Marianne Kris, where she was dismissed immediately. Joe promised to stay with Marilyn if she went to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital to rest. She remained there for three weeks.
1-2 March: Marilyn writes a letter discussing her stay at Payne Whitney.
6 March: Marilyn leaves the hospital.
8 March: Marilyn attends Augusta Miller’s funeral.
10-12 March: Marilyn spends the weekend with Joe DiMaggio at the Lexington Hotel and stays with him in room 1806. According to Ralph Roberts, a snowstorm starts.
13 March: Marilyn attends a benefit for The Actor’s Studio at Roseland Dance City.
14 March: Marilyn visits Frank Sinatra at the Waldorf Towers.
18 March: Marilyn attends a party in aid of the Actors Studio with the Strasbergs.
22 March: Marilyn joins Joe in Florida, where they stayed in separate rooms at the Tides Motor Inn. She visited her sister and still kept in contact with the recently widowed Isidore Miller (Arthur’s father).
1 April: Marilyn and Joe return to New York from Florida.
7 April: Marilyn travels to Roxbury to collect her items. Arthur Miller isn’t there.
11 April: Marilyn and Joe attend an opening game of the baseball season between the New York Yankees and the Minnesota Twins at the New York Yankee Stadium.
May: Pat Newcomb (Marilyn’s publicist) gave Marilyn a white poodle named Maf. Marilyn would spend time with Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, and pals during much of the spring.
June: Marilyn decides to move back to Los Angeles, where she stays at the Beverly Hills Hotel for six weeks.
1 June: Marilyn turns thirty-five.
7 June: Marilyn goes to Vegas to see Frank perform in honor of Dean Martin’s 44th birthday.
11 June: Marilyn attends the Christening of Clark Gable’s son by invitation of Kay Gable.
14 June: Marilyn returns to Los Angeles and stays at Frank Sinatra’s home while he goes on a European tour.
25 June: Marilyn returns to New York.
28 June: Marilyn is rushed to the hospital to have gall bladder surgery performed by Dr. Richard Cottrell. Joe DiMaggio is at her bedside.
11 July: Marilyn leaves the hospital and is bombarded by a crowd of 200 fans, photographers, and reporters.
12 July: Marilyn and Ralph Roberts return to Roxbury to collect more of her possessions.
Mid-July: Berniece comes and stays with Marilyn in her New York apartment.
1 August: Marilyn rents a car and stays on Long Island.
7 August: Marilyn returns to LA and rents 888 Doheny Drive, the same apartment building she lived in with Joe DiMaggio. She puts the name on the mailbox as Marjorie Stengel.
August: Marilyn spends time with Frank Sinatra on Michael Romanoff’s boat.
16 September: Marilyn goes to dinner with Frank Sinatra at Romanoff’s. She buys the green Norell dress in Los Angeles that she later wears at the Golden Globes. Frank gifts her emerald and diamond earrings.
22 September: Marilyn leaves LA to return to NYC. However, due to technical issues with the plane, it needed to make an emergency landing. She flies later that day and gets a taxi to The Lexington Hotel and stays with Joe.
1 October: She flies back to LA from New York.
15 November: Marilyn is suspended due to not attending meetings with Fox.
17 November: Marilyn has a photoshoot with Douglas Kirkland.
23 November: Marilyn spends Thanksgiving at Gloria Lovell’s house.
14 December: Marilyn’s new pet, Maf, arrives in Los Angeles.
Mid-December: Marilyn returns to New York in the second week of December. She meets Carl Sandburg.
23 December: Joe arrives in LA to spend Christmas with Marilyn.


January: Eunice Murray finds a house for Marilyn as recommended by Dr. Ralph Greenson.
20 January: Marilyn sees Carl Sandburg at Henry Weinstein’s home.
February: Marilyn returns to Los Angeles.
1 February: She meets Robert Kennedy at a party celebrating his goodwill tour of Japan at Pat (Kennedy)’s home. Marilyn returns to New York later that week.
6 February: Marilyn sees Macbeth at Old Vic Theater.
8 February: Marilyn starts to move into her new home in Brentwood. She had borrowed money from Joe DiMaggio to put down a deposit.
10 February: Marilyn has a photoshoot with Willy Rizzo for Paris Match.
17 February: Marilyn goes to Miami, where she is greeted by Isidore Miller. Arthur Miller and Inge Morath get married.
18 February: Marilyn and Isidore have dinner at Club Gigi and attend a cabaret show together.
19 February: Marilyn stays with Joe at Fort Lauderdale while he did baseball training with the New York Yankees.
20 February: Joe accompanies Marilyn to the airport where she leaves for Mexico.
22 February: Marilyn holds a press conference at the Grand Ball Room of the Mexico Continental Hilton Hotel. During her stay in Mexico, she would buy furniture for her new home.
25 February: Marilyn meets Mexican actress Columba Domínguez and Mexican film director Emilio Fernández.
27 February: Marilyn attends a party at Plaza Garibaldi nightclub in Mexico, with Jose Bolanos.
1 March: Marilyn visits an orphanage and donates $1000.
3 March: Marilyn returns to LA from Mexico.
5 March: Marilyn attends the 19th Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. She received the “World Film Favorite” award.
8-9 March: Marilyn moves into her home in Brentwood (Fifth Helena Drive).
15 March: Marilyn contracts a virus.
24 March: Marilyn supposedly stays at Bing Crosby’s home in Palm Springs where John F. Kennedy is also staying. It is only on this occasion that Marilyn supposedly slept with the President.
10 April: Marilyn does costume tests for Something’s Got To Give.
14 April: Marilyn is interviewed by Alan Levy for Redbook magazine.
23 April: Marilyn starts filming Something’s Got To Give.
17 May: Marilyn shoots some scenes before flying to New York.
18 May: Marilyn rehearses for the birthday gala. Her hair styling begins at her apartment by Kenneth Batelle.
19 May: Marilyn attends the birthday gala with Pat Newcomb, her press agent, and Isidore Miller. They attended the after party with other guests at Arthur and Mathilde Krim’s home.
20 May: Marilyn goes back to Los Angeles.
23 May: Marilyn shot her pool scenes from 9 am – 4 pm.
24 May: Dean Martin is off sick, and so other scenes were shot.
25 May: Marilyn has a slight temperature and ear infection but continues to work.
26-28 May: With a 38.8°C temperature and ear infection, Marilyn doesn’t go to set.
29 May: Marilyn returns to the set to work on the film and does so for 6 hours with Dean Martin.
1 June: Marilyn celebrates her 36th birthday on the set of Something’s Got To Give. Later that evening, she attends a charity event for Muscular Dystrophy. According to receipts, she then went to Chasen’s where it’s believed she celebrated her birthday with Joe DiMaggio Jr. before returning home, going to La Scala, home, the studio, La Scala, and then home.
2-4 June: Marilyn has “sinusitis,” so she is unable to go to the set.
6 June: Fox publicizes Marilyn’s absences and states they may file a lawsuit and replace her with Kim Novak.
7 June: Marilyn is taken to see Dr. Michael Gurdin due to a concern that she had broken her nose. She had bruises on her face, and according to Greenson, she had “slipped in the shower.”
9 June: Fox confirms that Marilyn is fired. Dean Martin says he won’t work with anyone on the picture other than her.
23-25 June: Marilyn poses for Vogue with Bert Stern at Bel Air Hotel.
26 June: Marilyn attends a party at the Lawford’s home honoring Robert Kennedy.
28 June: Marilyn has a meeting with Fox studio heads to discuss her contract termination.
29 and 30 June: Marilyn has her photos taken at the home of Walter “Tim” Leimert with George Barris.
4 and 9 July: Marilyn is interviewed by Richard Meryman for LIFE magazine, known as The Last Interview.
6 July: Allan Grant photographs Marilyn for the Meryman interview.
12 July: Marilyn has a meeting with Fox to discuss reinstating her onto Something’s Got To Give for $500,000 and one more movie for another $500,000. She then has a photoshoot with George Barris (according to Pat Newcomb’s memos). This will be the last professional photoshoot Marilyn has.
14 July: Marilyn receives a copy of the article by Richard Meryman and agrees to its publication. It is published on 3rd August.
20 July: Marilyn has surgery again for endometritis.
21 July: Joe drives Marilyn home from the hospital.
28-29 July: Peter Lawford invites Marilyn to Cal-Neva Lodge, owned by Frank Sinatra.
29 July: Marilyn goes back to LA.
30 July: Marilyn calls Milton Rudin wishing to have her will changed again.
1 August: Fox and Marilyn agree to a new contract.
4 August: Marilyn passes away.
5 August: Marilyn’s body is discovered.
8 August: Marilyn’s funeral is held at Westwood Memorial Park Cemetery.