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10 Marilyn Monroe “Facts” That Are Actually Myths

Sometimes I looked at what they reported me as saying and I said “No! No! No!”

Will Acting Spoil Marilyn Monroe by Pete Martin, 1956.

Marilyn has always been a favourite when it comes to conspiracy and myths, especially since the invention of the internet. Because what we read online and watch on TV must be true right? Not necessarily. There are of course instances where sources get crossed, more evidence comes to light or there are simply unintentional errors made. However, there are those who like to take some information and turn it into a fact, despite the fact that actually it isn’t. Here are 10 Marilyn Monroe “facts” that are actually myths.

Marilyn Monroe:

1. Did not have a boob job

People who make these claims generally refer to the difference between Marilyn’s 1949 nude calendar shoot with Tom Kelly and her look in some of her most famous roles like Some Like It Hot. 

A breast augmentation for Marilyn is highly unlikely. Not only was the technology for performing the procedure in it’s early stages but when you look at Marilyn throughout her career, there is no point where she has small breasts which suddenly become larger. Instead, the enlargement of her breasts at different times during her career was likely due to slight weight gain and reduce when she loses weight again in 1962.

It is said that medical files relating to a broken nose (which wasn’t broken in the end) show that Marilyn had no issues with her breasts or had any surgery on them whatsoever. The speculation comes from rumours alone. 

2. Wasn’t pregnant in 1960

In 2017 several images of Marilyn during costume tests of The Misfits (1961), were sold at Julien’s Auctions. The images show Marilyn wearing the wig for her character Roslyn, and a slim fitting skirt and blouse.

It is claimed by Tony Michaels, who bought the image slides, that Frieda Hull (the owner of these images) told him that Marilyn was a good friend of hers. Marilyn supposedly confided in Frieda that she was pregnant. Not only was she pregnant but it was Yves Montand’s baby.

Of course, the images do show Marilyn with a tummy but so do images before she began filming with Montand.


Frieda Hull, who was a teenager and member of the Marilyn Six fan club at the time, was the only person to apparently know this story. Marilyn’s life was well documented enough for people to know that this is a false claim.

3. Didn’t sleep with both of the Kennedy brothers

Marilyn met Bobby on these occasions:

  • Thursday 1st February 1962 at a party celebrating the Bobby’s goodwill tour of Japan at the Lawfords’ home Marilyn decided not to drink so much. Guthman commented on the way Marilyn and Bobby were behaving that evening. Stating that there was not “the faintest overtone of romantic of romantic interest on his side or hers.” He later stated that “I travelled with Bobby, day and night for five years and I never saw him pay attention to anyone but his wife.” Milton Ebbins, who had escorted her there, also took her home. Rumours began spreading after this second meeting which prompted Jean, Bobby’s sister, to write to Marilyn sarcastically stating “I understand you and Bobby are the hot item!”. Which later was mistakenly passed off as being a serious observation. Jean later stated that it was “ridiculous” to take it other than a joke.
  • Wednesday 27th June 1962 Marilyn wanted Peter and Pat Lawford as well as Bobby to view her new home. After dinner at the Lawfords’ home the attorney general’s driver took her back to Fifth Helena Drive. Eunice Murray, Marilyn’s housekeeper, stated that “they all came to look at the house. She certainly didn’t go sneaking around with Mr Kennedy or have a love affair with him!
  • Saturday 19th May 1962 Marilyn was present to perform Happy Birthday for Bobby’s brother, John. After her world famous performance, Marilyn, the Kennedy’s and other stars went to the home of Arthur B. Krim, where the only photograph of Marilyn Monroe and the two Kennedy brothers was taken. Milton Ebbins took her home at 2am.

All other dates can be dispelled and proven to be incorrect. Should there be a date which you may believe Marilyn and Robert were together, please let me know and I will investigate this for you.

Donald Spoto states, “No serious biographer can maintain the existence of an affair between Marilyn and the Kennedys. All we can say for sure is that the actress and the President have met 4 times, between October 1961 and August 1962, and it was during one of those meetings, that they called to a friendly relation of Marilyn from a bedroom. Shortly after, Marilyn confided this sexual relation to her close relatives, insisting about the fact that their affair ended there”.

Whereas Keith Badman believes that Marilyn met Kennedy on more than 4 occasions. The first is when Marilyn attended party held at Joe Kennedy’s home on 23rd and 24th September 1961where Jaqueline Kennedy as well as Frank Sinatra, Pat Newcomb and other guests were also present.

In addition, he adds that Marilyn met the President on Sunday 19th November 1961 where a 3 hour dinner party took place with the Lawfords and close friends and family of theirs.

  • On the 5th December 1961 JFK was in New York to make an address at the National Football Banquet and Hall of Fame held at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. Marilyn met the President in New York City at the banquet It is this night that is often connected to the “sex parties” which were thrown up in 1965. However, it was impossible for Marilyn and the other participants to leave the ‘invite only’ party to sneak away for an orgy. This file was created by J. Edgar Hoover whom was known to smear the reputation of those he disagrees with.
  • The only dates that match between Badman and Spoto are Saturday 24th March 1962 and 19th May 1962. The former is the only possible date that Marilyn and JFK could’ve had a one night stand and it is the only one that can be documented by a source.
  • On the 24th March Marilyn and others including JFK had been invited to Bing Crosby’s home in Palm Springs. It as this occasion that she phoned Ralph Roberts and briefly discussed it however she only went into detail when the rumours began. She confided to him that it was the only time, and it wasn’t a big deal to either of them.
  • The final meeting was at the birthday gala. As with Bobby, she was not taken home by either of them and spent almost the entire night with her former father-in-law Isadore Miller.

4. Wasn’t “plus-size”

What was Marilyn’s height and weight?

2nd August 1945
Blue Book Modeling Agency
5’ 6”
120lbs/8.5 stone

8th February 1954
5’ 5 1/2”
118lbs/8.4 stone

5th August 1962
LA Coroner Medical Report
5’ 5 1/25”
117lbs/8.3 stone

It is believed that at her heaviest she would’ve weighed approximately 140lbs/10 stone.

In the fashion industry, plus size is identified as sizes 18 and over, or sizes 1X-6X and extended size as 7X and up.

Marilyn’s measurements were
1945: 36-24-34
1951: 36½-23-34
1955: 38-23-36

These measurements in the UK’s fashion industry would have her between a size 2 and 8. When she was pregnant like in the picture below, she still wasn’t “plus size.”

5. Didn’t sleep her way to fame

You can read more about that here!

6. Didn’t have an IQ of 168

There is no proof that Marilyn even had her IQ tested, so no one can say!

7. Was never in a sex tape

The apparent sex tape was sold at auction and the buyer apparently hasn’t had it viewed in order to protect Marilyn. Some images have been released of a sex tape but physically you can just tell it’s not Marilyn.

8. Was not a dumb blonde

This is a myth that obviously people associate with Marilyn purely because her characters are often the stereotype of a dumb blonde. But as someone who was well read, enjoyed learning, had a love of poetry and art and enjoyed the company of intellectuals, Marilyn cannot be dumb. Surely?!

9. Wasn’t a lesbian

She stated in My Story:

“A man who kissed me once had said it was very possible I was a lesbian because I apparently had no response to males – meaning him. I didn’t contradict him because I didn’t know what I was. There were times even when I didn’t feel human and times when all I could think of was dying. There was also the sinister fact that a well-made woman had always thrilled me to look at. 

Now having fallen in love, I knew what I was. It wasn’t a lesbian. The world and its excitement over sex didn’t seem crazy. In fact, it didn’t seem crazy enough.”

10. Didn’t have fake teeth

via Marilyn Monroe Collection

According to two morticians, at the time of Marilyn’s death, she had false teeth (as well. However, Marilyn’s file for the Blue Book Modeling Agency in 1946 states that her teeth are ‘perfect’. Her dentist, Dr. LeRoy Nisson claimed in 2015 that she had “the most beautiful set of teeth” and “the best teeth I’ve ever seen.” The mortician, Allan Abbot is known for creating falsehoods in regards to Marilyn as well as other exceptions. There is no evidence to support his claim.

It’s high time we focus on facts, sources and documents that support claims instead of believing articles and information that is released to tabloids decades after Marilyn’s passing.

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  • Jean-Sébastien

    I think Donald Spoto is the worst biographer of Marilyn. Because he’s not objective. He never hid his friendship with the Kennedy family (even today). If you read photographer Lawrence Schiller’s new book on Marilyn, recently published by Taschen, you will discover that Bobby Kennedy was present at the actress’ home a few days before her death. Schiller was there that afternoon and describes the scene with precision. As for Jane Kennedy, she will obviously not affirm that her brother and Marilyn had an affair. No wonder. I think Bobby Kennedy was much more involved in his relationship with Marilyn. Moreover, after her death, the investigators questioned her psychiatrist, Dr. Greenson, who was devastated and answered “You should question Bobby Kennedy”. He was unknowingly bugged and this recording is easily available today. Eunice Murray, Marilyn’s housekeeper, also confessed a few days before her death (this conversation was also recorded and also available) that Bobby Kennedy was present the day Marilyn died. Anyway, we’ll probably never know the truth but I think it’s a pity that you dismiss all this with so much certainty.


      Schiller is very closely associated with Norman Mailer who confessed to fabricating stories in order to sell more copies. Schiller helped him write that book so I don’t see him as reliable. Eunice couldn’t keep her stories straight and was essentially hired to spy on Marilyn for Greenson. There is literally zero reliable evidence to confirm a relationship or that he was involved with her death. It’s all this person said this person said Marilyn said or did this. There’s no concrete evidence. Until there is I will never ever believe the Kennedy’s had anything to do with Marilyn other than the occasional meetings and Marilyn’s one night stand with JFK.But you’re clearly convinced by what you’ve read and neither of us are going to change our minds. Which is fine. I just share what I have found. I don’t just take what is written from the book, I look into it too to see where authors go wrong. And Spoto does get things wrong, there are flaws but a lot of his research has been proven to be accurate. If you don’t like him, that’s fine.

    • nycole

      the year is 2021 and to see people stupidly trying to discredit facts is pitiful

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